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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 23, 2009

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I find it fascinating that anyone critical of a public agency has instant credibility. UMC works with over 1200 doctors and like any situation, there will be disgruntled individuals that, in order to serve their own agendas, will "go public" in order to suddenly bring to light that which no one else would. Doesn't it seem convenient that while there are negative stories being publicized about the public hospital that these two stalwart physicians have chosen to "pile on" to the negative press? If these two doctors don't get their way at another hospital, will the Sun or RJ write a story making this a banner headline? If this rag wished to provide a true story for a change, it would engage in real investigative journalism and at the very least seek input from the other 1200+ doctors that bring their patients to UMC. I suppose we should look to the Enquirer for indepth journalism.

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