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February 20, 2017

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Don Peters
Oct. 3, 2012

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I might add that it is an advantage in Las Vegas to have both the Review Journal and the Sun available to us. When they disagree you can always investigate further, but when the agree it is a good check and balance. Many cities do not have this benefit. Although I have found the Sun's Editorial tend to check out correct more often thant the Review Journal's.

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I have a relative that sends me Email from the radical right. Between that and Fox News it is unbelievable the amount of missinformation is out there. Carmine needs to get his information from more than those sources, as do all the radical right. This is said with an understanding that you need to get information from reputable sources. Bill Clinton said he likes to read both conservative and liberal papers thoroughly to get the best perspective. This is good advice.

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Both sides play a game of brinksmanship, and usually the Dems cave. I hope not this time. To balance the budget we need more revenue. I see very little talk about changing the carried interest and Capital gains rate. These need to be in the debate. Yes, we also need to reduce spending. But the Dems and Obama need to not give in to Republican pressure. Why do they start negotiations from where they want them to end up?

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Hostile environment, sexual harrassment, and discrimination are all serious issues. But to often they are used by those "crying wolf", when it is not the case. Too many do not know how to adequately investigate such claims. The person the claim is about is then put in a situation where they are guilty, until proven innocent. As stated by Mr. Will, the damage to the innocent can be quite severe.

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The successionist have their own network (Fox). Their own facts. Then they get the attention they want. But they lost the last election.

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