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Jan. 3, 2012

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I work as an escort here in Las Vegas. I do not have a pimp or work for an agency. I maintain a personal website and do my own advertising. I am not forced into sex work due to drug addiction or lack of education. I have a Bachelor's degree in a field I find fulfilling but the salary is too meager to support my family. I am divorced with a young daughter. My current occupation provides me the funds to allow her a private school education and because I work so few hours, I can spend most of my time with her. I make a few hundred an hour and I sell my time in packages starting from two hours up to twenty-four hours. My clientele consists of older men who I see on a regular basis. Because I have to be extremely careful of LE, I need to screen new clients before I meet with them. They must fill out a booking form on my website and I thoroughly check their references. There are websites that offer discussion forums where providers and hobbyists (clients) can banter, along with boards to submit and search escort reviews. I am genuinely fond of the men I see but I will admit this is not my ideal profession. I am not a sex work activist. (But I have respect for those that are.) I do not claim that I am blessed with the opportunity to explore my sexuality. I don't declare that I actually feel empowered by my work. (Those are things I tell my clients.) Occasionally I enjoy the "work" part of what I do, but most of the time I don't. However, I appear to be very enthusiastic because that is important to the men who pay me. I am aware that there are different types and levels of sex work in Las Vegas. Drug addiction and misfortune can lead people to do many things they would rather not. For whatever reason, it is that type of sex worker many of the readers posting comments believe to be the norm. I honestly believe that I am a more accurate representation of what sex work is in Las Vegas today. And the next time the writer wants to have a conversation about sex trafficking, he shouldn't get it confused with prostitution. I resent being labeled a victim.

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