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Erik Pappa
May 15, 2008

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To clarify a point made by LericGoodman: At Clark County, management compensation is NOT linked to rank-and-file employee compensation, and it hasn't been for at least the last decade. The editorial spells out what rank-and-file compensation has been these past three years. During that same period, management compensation has DECREASED 1.1 percent. What management has sought from the employees is very reasonable, particularly so, I believe, in light of our own example.

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This administration is offering 16 percent less money for the care of abused and neglected children. Mr. Willden would like the public and the media to include the governor's proposed "incentive" money in the tally. But that's just foolish accounting, especially since communication (in the form of an email) from this administration indicates the "incentive" money will not be available until 2013, meaning a shortfall in the interim. This "incentive" program is fundamentally flawed in that it offers "rewards" for success while removing the tools one needs to achieve that success. It is regretable that such accounting tricks would be employed when the lives of children are at stake. We recognize that the state faces financial difficulties, but I think most reasonable people can agree that funding for abused and neglected children should be a priority.

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What this story omits is important: Groups need to provide us with transparent information about their revenues and expenses so we can determine appropriate contract terms. That did not happen, so we were forced to rely upon our existing structure of fees. In the end, the organizers cancelled this event. The County would welcome it back if we could come to terms.

Erik Pappa
Director of Public Communications
Clark County

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The changes improve and update the County's work card regulations. For example, the amendment eliminates the requirement for work cards for 13 occupations that already require separate background checks -- eliminating a duplication of effort by local government agencies which will save time and money for taxpayers. So locksmiths and burglar alarm installers are still getting background investigations on behalf of Clark County or a state agency. These new work card regulations improve efficiency and remove barriers to employment.

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See part of Millicent Rosen Siegel interview conducted by Clark County Television (CCTV) Channel 4 here:

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