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Sept. 9, 2010

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Failed FOUR sobriety tests...including a breathalyzer. Had No licnese, registration, had outstanding unpaid tickets,had TWO "open" and partially empty bottles of Vodka in the car (two passengers including her, get it?)...and CRUSHED a child while driving drunk and or on drugs (why else would she smile for a camera after doing this?)...and the Emergency medical staff on scene testifies that neither She nor her passenger attempted to help or console the child who was crushed and had BOTH legs severed by her car.

...a child bleeding, legs severed, certainly would have been crying out in pain...and she didn't care to do anything, didnt' call 911 themselves..and smiled so she looks 'pretty' for the camera. The 'teacher' shock is because teachers are supposed to be particularly caring, for children. Not this scum...I'll be at the arraignment Friday!

I know this child...he is adored by his 5 year old little brother...and is loved dearly by many friends in his classes. My children being among them! I won't say I hope she rots in Hell...I hope it starts sooner!!!

(Suggest removal) 2/8/12 at 12:28 p.m.

Princeton University has wonderful FACTS about Marijuana use...check it out yourself at their website.

Also, the "very often cited" UCLA Dr. Donald Tashkin that you can 'easily' find referenced in many Pro-Marijuana use websites and 'pretend-science' blogs...can be found on youtube videos in two interviews (part I and part II) stating in very 'typical' medical doctor dry speech patterns that his oft-cited research saying that marijuana has no cancerous effects actually says that based on his (and other doctors) research studies on people who 'already had cancer' and whom they asked to "fill out an extensive QUESTIONAIRE" did not find any statistically relavent proof that marijuana smoking caused any increased, or decreased, risk of LUNG Cancer. Based on the 'questionaire' study.

He also states that, in all fairness, that marijuana 'may' have a tumor resistant effect that 'may' reduce the effects of cancer-causing (carcinagins) stuff found in marijuana (4+ times more cancer-causing stuff in marijuana according to him!).

So, yes, his 'questionaire study' from people that already had cancer and represented 1/2 of the people from a earlier larger study...did NOT show an 'additional' risk of cancer (but, watch the video, he says clearly...they did NOT INCLUDE the other 1/2 of the people in their questionaire survey because they were 1) already passed away or 2) were too sick to participate.) Um, that means they purposely left out the sickest people...seems to skew the results a bit, right?

I'm just researching the stuff people use to support their arguments. Follow my searches too...cite your own facts...let's see where the 'real evidence' is.

(Suggest removal) 9/9/10 at 9:58 p.m.

wow...actual research from Princeton, as requested, was removed..but not the personal attacks and made-up stuff from everyone else...trying again to post FACTS from a Princeton Study.

Is smoking pot more dangerous than smoking cigarettes?
The answer to this question depends on the amount of each substance used. It's also hard to give a straight answer because marijuana contains varying amounts of THC -- anywhere from 1% to 8%. When used in equal amounts, marijuana seems to be more harmful than cigarettes.
THC is the active chemical in marijuana. Higher concentrations of THC will cause a greater hallucinogenic effect, and because reproductive cells bind to THC more than other cells, smoking will jeopardize your fertility. THC is fat-soluble, staying in your body (including brain tissue) for up to 3 weeks, though it is not clear what effects it has while it remains.
In lab experiments, THC has shown it blocks the immune system's ability to function properly. This leads to greater risk of illness, infection, & cancer among heavy users. Marijuana has 3 times the amount of tar as tobacco, & its carbon monoxide levels are 3-5 times that of cigarettes. Be aware that pot has 50% more cancer-causing hydrocarbons than a tobacco cigarette. Every time you inhale, you're accepting all of that poison into your body because joints do not have filters. Also, most pot smokers inhale the smoke & hold it in their lungs longer than they would for cigarette smoke.
Daily users find their learning, memory, & cognitive skills are weaker than normal; they find it hard to function at usual level. Experiments on animals that had been chronically exposed to THC resulted in withdrawal symptoms & changes in nerve cells.
Other negative results of smoking pot are that it"
Changes the chemical balance in your brain, altering your mood, appetite, ability to concentrate, & energy levels.
Lowers testosterone levels in men and upsets the balance of hormones in women that control menstrual cycles.
Decreases sperm count & increases sperm abnormalities.
Jeopardizes the eggs in women's ovaries (remember, you are born with the total number of eggs you will have for your lifetime -- they are irreplaceable!).
Threatens your ability to learn & remember things, leading to forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.
Causes the same lung problems as cigarette smoking, including emphysema, cancer, frequent chest colds, coughing, & more phlegm production.
Leads to anxiety problems, depression, & paranoia.

(Suggest removal) 9/9/10 at 9:43 p.m.

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