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February 24, 2017

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Eddie Gaul
Dec. 20, 2011

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I've always felt that the shows aren't all that they are cracked up to be and tend to be fairly expensive. I think this is just the marketplace voting with its dollars. I've only seen one or two shows that I would actually like to see again (The Rat Pack is Back is at the top of that short list). Also most of the show goers tend to be adults and don't often represent the younger generation.

I am not a night club fanatic either, unfortunately.

Clearly, I think there is a huge opportunity for the resorts to attract a certain clientele that aren't interested in listening to techno music, are done gambling, and who've "been there, done that" in regards to the shows...

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If the state is serious about bringing jobs into the mix (especially poaching jobs from California)
Denis's plan is a huge step backwards. While "big" businesses are an easy target and the cause is worthy, this would hurt Nevada's recovery process rather than help it. Clearly there are other opportunities to fund education that need to be explored before raising taxes on the lifeblood of jobs.

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I agree a flat rate, much like what the shuttles offer, would solve the problem. In fact, when I arrive at the airport, I usually opt for the shuttle over the cab -- it may be a little slower, but in the long run it is cheaper.

As a victim of long-hauling (there was supposedly an accident on Swenson), I have not tipped the driver and thanked him for taking the long way to the airport.

Hopefully the taxi cab commission will adopt something. Being "taken for a ride" upon your arrival or departure from Las Vegas leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth.

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I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this pans out. I've felt for a long time that the Strip needs a place where one can sit down and just hang out without having to deal with casinos, booze, people hassling you, and smoke filled air. The closest thing the strip has right now is the area in front of Bally's, which isn't saying much. I think if MGM does this right, it could be a very cool place to mingle and relax.

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I am not happy about this policy at all. The last time we were in Las Vegas I chose to stay at a Caesar's property on account they were the cheapest AND they didn't have resort fees. I always add in the cost of the resort fees when I make a reservation and this will certainly impact my decision on whether to stay at their properties. Hopefully they rethink this choice... I for one don't use the resort amenities like WIFI or the fitness clubs and resent being charged for it.

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