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June 10, 2011

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All but one comment so far has been on the individuals presenting the bill rather than the actual bill. First the bill being discussed is to fully legalize, license, and regulate online POKER, a zero-sum game of skill. This means you can only win what other willing participants put on the table. Poker is unlike craps, blackjack, bingo, or lotteries where simply place a bet and hope to win big. In poker you control what hands you play and how you choose to play them.

1. If you get cheated, where do you go for compensation and how is it proven?
Under the current state if you were cheated you could bring issues up on various forums, contact the sites directly, or the gaming commissions that control them. If this bill gets passed companies like Caesars, Wynn, MGM, etc would run the new sites. They would be regulated in a similar fashion to how they are now.

2. Who gets the profits and where are they deposited? (On the Isle of Wight?)
Currently poker players are forced to play on overseas companies. Pokerstars Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker the three largest poker sites in the world were recently forced out of the US market. There is a need and demand from American players. This would bring in billions annually to the US.
4. Who gets the jobs? (What Jobs?)
Tens of thousands of poker players were supporting themselves fully through their online poker winnings. Hundreds of thousands of others were supplementing their income through online poker. If the bill gets passed the sites are going to need employees to keep up with customer service, marketing, and day-to-day operations. There are also entire industries through various training sites and coaching, to magazines and forums. There is an ever growing demand for content and people will be hired to deliver this.

5. How does this boost the economy? (What economy?)
It would create several new American jobs, bring in new tax revenue, and put tens of thousands of players back to work. I think you fail to grasp how big poker is. The number one game on Facebook is Zynga POKER. Over ten million Americans play online poker, an additional 50 million play in home games with friends, or bar poker, etc" A decade ago cell phone applications were in their infancy. Now Apps. Are a multi billion dollar industry that was created seemingly overnight. Things change over time due to technology and customer wants.

Joe Barton is a Methodist, a "Christian", and so how does gambling fit in with his "Biblical Beliefs" and personal responsibility?
What legal responsibility does he have to tell other hard working, law obideing, tax paying citizens what the can or can not do with their own time and money, in the privacy of their own home? If you do not wish to gamble or play poker that's fine, but why punish others who choose do it responsibly? Over 2/3rds of Americans placed at least one bet last year. Why are you tring to stop the majority from what we want?

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