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Edwin Cuna
Jan. 23, 2013

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Leave the findings thru the professional Metro's Accident Investigative Section. And we should go about our daily precious lives to do more productive meaningful deeds instead of being paranoid and cynical by vexing hocus pocus judgment.

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Britney Spears will bring Las Vegas a glitter of excitement and amazing pure entertainment:
Neva Chonin of the San Francisco Chronicle believed the show "was pure Britney excess, hugely entertaining" and added that "while it's all too easy to deride Spears' contrivances from a distance, in person there's no denying her charisma or her archetypal appeal. She's like a refugee from David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, a gleaming dream cipher waiting to be filled with an audience's fantasies. And she works that role with flawless professionalism, punctuating her choreographed moves with an amiable accessibility that drew fans into her airtight world even as it kept them at a safe distance. In short, she connected--through smiles, giggles and what seemed to be genuine pleasure in performing." While reviewing the Femme Fatale Tour in 2011, Jim Harrington of the Oakland Tribune deemed the show as "one of the best pop music productions I've ever witnessed." The tour was a commercial success. According to Pollstar, the 2001 leg was largely sold out, with the concerts attended by over 425,865 people. It grossed $24,0 million in 2001 and $35,068,346 million in 2002, the second highest grossing tour of the year by a female artist behind Cher's Farewell Tour. The tour had a total gross of $58,758,345 million with 1,006,245 million in attendance (15,018 per show)
Source: Wikipedia

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Performers in a circus stage have some death defying acts that can lead to horrific death. When I was younger I witnessed a flying circus performer from Japan who was not able to get hold of the rope plunged to her death. There are preventable measures but events like these with so many times having been performed most likely will fail along the line. Circus performers can achieve incredible feat and they perform very well. However, they are in so much rush that they lose control. Spectators love to see these amazing and extraordinary acts. I hope there will be no more incidents like this to happen:

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I would never vote for anyone of those captions. But here's the best one: "One gets the sense that Republican retirement homes are even more raucous with discontent than usual".

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@ Ashley Ashley: I come to believe that you are either delusional or hallucinating for you are a typical unreasonable person that always make a conclusive judgment on whatever you find disgusting and utterly repulsive to you. In my opinion you're the person that watches Fox News and listening to the wingnuts like Hannity and Limbaugh and from what I can evaluate on your demeanor you're definitely fit into a category of a person with low intelligent and flawed reasoning. Just relax nobody will come and get you and arrest you on the spot. You said you are a good citizen so be a good one and let the police handle their job. My suggestion to you is to get out from your rut and go outside and smell the flowers and when you come back let me know how you feel.

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