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Jan. 19, 2008

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You people are FOOLS! Hillary Clinton has also stated that Ronald Reagan is one of her favorite presidents! HA! You people don't even bother to check the facts. You just listen to whatever! Get an education for Christ sake!!!! Can you not read for yourselves??? Hillary supports Reagan! It's been on the news today. It's on the internet. It's on her own damn site! READ!!!!!

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I want one person to detail Hillary's experience! Just because she keeps saying it..doesn't make it true! 35 experience doing what???
Also she is nearly 15 years older than Obama......he is not at fault because she is older. He's accomplished MORE ON HIS OWN at his age than she did at her age! She is 60 and has done what??????? She just happened to marry Bill Clinton. She is not self-made. She can not lead. This country will be a great mess. Who in the heck wants Bill Clinton back in office----she's better keep her eye on the interns because he's going to have a lot of free time on his hands....LOL. Stop being fools. Do not believe everything these people say! She keeps harping on 35 years experience but none of her supporters bother to question it! I can not wait until someone calls her on that 'experience'!

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Will SOMEONE---ANYONE PLEASE DETAIL HILLARY CLINTONS '35 Years of Experience'. Hillary is 60---35 years ago she was a 25 year old law student. She graduated at the BOTTOM of her class. She 'worked' at a law firm with BILL!!! According to others who worked there--she was ONLY there because of BILL! She was first lady of Arkansas and First Lady when Bill was President. She served 7 years in the Senate...she won btw because she is a CLINTON and people loved BILL...NOT HER! This witch was a Republican 35 years ago! This witch didn't march for Civil Rights! This witch Supported Nafta (Millios of jobs now overseas!), This witch has done nothing aside from ride on her HUSBANDS record!!! Where is her experience????????????????????????? Someone answer that PLEASE.
Obama graduated at the TOP of his law school class. He is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SCHOLAR!!!!! He went straight to work as a community organizer in Chicago after law school---ALTHOUGH he could have chosen to work at an established law firm ANYWHERE and could have made millions for himself! Instead he took a 12,000 a year job on the South Side of Chicago. HANDS ON EXPERIENCE!!!!!! He then served in the Illinois Senate for 8 years and he's served nearly 3 in the U.S. Senate!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary does not even compare to this man in any way!!! She is a charlatan!
Also, this WITCH voted FOR the WAR!!!!! Obama Voted against it from day 1!!!! Give me a break!

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All of you Hispanics out there who believe in the Clintons..You'd BETTER WAKE UP!!! The Clintons did the same thing in the 90's to blacks. Now they know they have hurt their support greatly in the black community by revealing their true colors these past few weeks. Now they have run to you for support! It's an attempt to cause division between the black and Hispanic community. They will dump you too. Oh, they will come back when they need your votes definitely. This is what they do. It's like a mother who has a 'favorite' child. The child who does what they want that day becomes the favorite for the day. If you can't see that I am sorry for you!
The Clintons will do and say ANYTHING to get what they want. This campaign is ALL ABOUT THEM. Notice when Hillary speaks she says "I", "ME", "MY"..she never says "WE", "OUR", "US"... Obama does. Obama truly wants what is best for us all. Hillary and Bill are already causing great divisiveness and nastiness wherever they it's in Nevada! They are evil. Hillary feels a false sense of entitlement to the 'throne'. However, she is not queen. She has no experience. She served as first lady. HER HUSBAND was the President! What has she done in the Senate? She's been working for 35 years (do your math--Hillary is 60---35 years ago she was a 25 year old law student...she's counting that as experience????) Oh yeah, and she started out as a Republican! Goldwater Girl! Look it up! She's a Dem because her husband is a Dem and because she always had a plan to get to the WH. This woman has stayed in a sexless marriage for years because she just wants to get to the top. You think Bill isn't cheating on Hillary today? He is and will continue because she is a doormat. I don't think a doormat can run the WH. She can't run her own house! I can't stand this woman and I can't wait until she is defeated today!

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I am an AA woman and how dare you attempt to speak for AA people. I wouldn't even dare speak for an entire race of people. Black People are not monolithic. We are different in our thoughts, actions, socio-economic backgrounds, education levels, and our votes!!!! We are the most diverse people on the planet!
Again, how dare you! Obama has the right to say his children are above average. My kids are too! So what? This man has a great sense of humor and people like you just like to stir the pot. His wife and kids are above average in general..forget race! I'm saying it..even if he didn't say it.

And what do you mean he's using black? He has not EVER run on his race in this campaign. NOT EVER. He is not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in any way, shape or form! HILLARY and BILL have USED blacks and now they feel blacks owe them something. I think they will be terribly surprised this go around....LOL. Bill and Hillary have not done anything for blacks or hispanics. They supported NAFTA--took jobs away to overseas. They signed in legislation (3 strikes and you are out) that sent more black young males to jail than to school during their administration! What have they done! It's all been a charade. I don't know why people believe them. First black president my behind. These people are closet bigots and people are seeing right through them now!

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