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Feb. 22, 2009

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not to take readers away from the Sun's lovely website, but here is First Lady Michelle Obama on why the arts are important, especially to children.

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AF Veteran: Your high school sports experience itself did not get you around the world unless you became a professional athlete.
I appreciate that it may have had some positive effect on your adult life, but the point I am making And I believe Ms. Richmond was trying to make) is that no matter how many people believe that all one needs for a well rounded education, Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic are not enough in this world and that arts education only bolsters said academic subjects. It also makes for a richer life in general.

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AF Veteran: If you think that Music, Theater and Dance don't teach "Invaluable lessons such as fair play, team unity, and large group behavior", you have a very loose grasp on what these endeavors entail. I have played team sports and participated in all of those other 'artistic pursuits'. Even the most mundane musical subject, MARCHING BAND, teaches more about teamwork, fair play and large group behavior than almost any other sport can. Not to mention, it's more physically demanding than you might imagine.
This is to nothing of the teamwork involved in performing in an orchestra, theater or dance production. And you can bet your boots that there is fair play involved. Trying out for the team is just like the audition process.
Also, I have been performing professionally since I was a teen, and have travelled the world because of said artistic pursuits. Tell me how many high school athletes can say the same.

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Dick McGee is a prince of a guy. He also "did some time" in public radio, spinning classical music at KNPR.

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Just so you know, the caption on the main photo is incorrect. That's the owner Gene Nakanishi, not pianist John Matteson.

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