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Oct. 17, 2010

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I was at the union meeting on Monday. The proposal from CCSD offered us one thing and one thing only -- the rehiring of those teachers who were laid off earlier in the summer. Everything else was a concession on our part. Why would we agree to a proposal that was offering to hire back teachers IN EXCHANGE for monetary concessions when the District had ALREADY hired back those teachers who were laid off? Where did CCSD find the money to hire back those teachers absent our concessions? Jones cited poverty last year, cried wolf, threatened lay-offs, and CCEA conducted a forensic audit of District money that showed they HAD THE MONEY to pay teachers. Our case was then vindicated before an independent judge. We have seen this movie before. It's Groundhog's Day and teachers are Bill Murray.

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Is Nate Holloway still on the team?

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Teachers like me pay dues to our union to collectively bargain on our behalf. CCEA negotiates my salary, benefits, and working conditions. The goal of NPRI (and CCSD apparently) is to destroy the teachers' union so that the government alone will determine such things. Poor Ayn Rand must be spinning in her grave!

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@Ryan: What can you tell us about the role of Tim Grgurich on next year's staff?

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Sally: It is wrong to attribute fascism to Plato. Fascists despise rational thought and demand that the strongest (in a social Darwinian sense) should rule. Plato advocated rational thought above all and concluded that only the philosopher should rule the polis.

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