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Dec. 23, 2009

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Hauck generally has open practices. Exceptions have been before the rivalry game or when he was installing a new offense (like he did one year when the top 2 qb's were hurt, causing him to install a new option package for a receiver who had played option qb in high school). He will sometimes stop to chat with fans/obervers after practice.

Hauck and his team generally dress nice. Nothing like ties for players while on the road, but they are usually in nice team issued athletic ware.

Hauck is not a "I-AA recruiter". He was a top recruiter for Washington and Colorado before coming to UM. At UM, almost all of the out of state recruits were being recruited by I-A programs. Hauck tried to get out of state recruits who wanted to be able to get on the field immediately, were starting to get jacked around a bit by the I-A schools (like being asked late in the game to greyshirt instead of getting an immediate scholarship), or who had thought they would get a good I-A scholarship but weren't getting it.

As to the rivalry game comment, I don't know how Hauck will handle that. He's very competitive believes rivalry games are very important. At UM, he felt that he wasn't doing his job if he didn't have the rival fans mad at him for something. Of course, he had grown up in Montana and graduated from UM, so he had the rivalry in his blood before he became the coach. For example, he had the team stay at a town 25 miles from the rival school's town instead of in the rival town. On the other hand, he respected the rival coach and players, and I think they generally respected him. After the season this year, the all-american d-end of the rival school called Hauck to thank him for helping the d-end get the conference defensive MVP award.

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As for the above comment on Hauck's OC: note that Montana was second in the nation in scoring this year, at 35.8 per game and 9th in total offense at 427.4.

The comment about the record of the opposing teams is completely incorrect. The Big Sky conference was the 2nd or 3rd rated I-AA conference this year, as it has generally been on the past 10 years. The stuff about the prior criminal issues of a few players is largely incorrect. The vast majority of Griz Nation supports Hauck and is sad to see him go--but wishes him well and will now be following the Rebels.

I see that this poster is making similar comments in other places. Don't know what's wrong with people who make up stuff like this and then want to spread it all over the place. By the way, I could probably identify this poster by his real name, but won't.

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Thanks, RebelFan. Let me know if you have other questions. I'll be looking at the various sites for the next several days, and then off to Big Sky on Saturday for a week of skiing.

BonB, there was more to the assault story. The student newspaper covered only the middle slice. Like you speculated, there was more to the incident both shortly before and immediately after the covered slice. Shortly after the dad contacted Hauck to report the matter, one or both of the players called the kid, and have since talked several times. It's unfortunate that this occurred (alcohol and late at night), but both sides were at fault and the matter was handled appropriately and satisfactorily by all of the involved parties. The Kaimin was trying to make a story, and acted inappropriately, in my view. The Kaimin also tried to make it sound like a cover up, and got multiple facts wrong--including saying Hauck called the dad, when in fact it was the dad who called Hauck to report the matter within several days of the incident.

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An above post has lots of incorrect information.

The combined record of UM's opposition is completely wrong. Depending on the rating service, the Big Sky conference was the either 2nd or 3rd I-AA conference this year--as has been the case for most of the past 10 years.

The "meaty" football players involved in the fight, which occurred 6 months before the school newspaper started inquiring, were both cornerbacks. One is 5'9", 175. No teeth were kicked out. There was no "cover up". In fact, the victim's dad reported the incident to Hauck--as his son had not gone to the police--and the matter was resolved among the son, dad, Hauck and the players. Hauck then took significant disciplinary action against the players during the spring, summer and fall--including suspending them for the first game. Most people supported Hauck on the Kaimin matter.

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Here's are some supplements to parts of the article:

1. Hauck may be stubborn, but I don't agree that he is childish.

2. Hauck is protective of his players publicly, and doesn't like it when the media over-emphasizes some incident or puts it on the front page when it is more deserving of the last page. Hauck is a fairly tough disciplinarian and handles most of the discipline internally and quietly, i.e. he kicks the players butts privately but doesn't talk to the press. He also doesn't talk about injuries.

3. Hauck's players had relatively few off-field issues in his 7 years, except for a bad period of 5.5 months in 2007. The reference to the arrest for murder occurred in CA. Later, the player was acquitted of murder on a 12-0 vote due to self-defense. Earlier the player's trial had resulted in a hung jury, with the vote being 11-1 to acquit. The incident occurred after a gang member beat the player's aunt unconscious with a hammer and then urinated on her. The reference to four former players being arrested for house invasion is not quite right. Three players and one former player were arrested. They had gone, with three others I believe, to the home of a minor drug dealer, and the drug dealer got roughed up a bit.

4. No player ever arrested or charged with anything other a DUI ever played another down for Hauck's team, to my knowledge. While he will sometimes wait to gather more facts and has given some a second chance, he doesn't tolerate that kind of behavior.

5. The Kaimin incident started with a Kaimin reporter asking about an alleged incident that had occurred 6 months earlier. It was a fight at a fraternity. The "victim", the victim's dad (who reported the incident to Hauck), the players and Hauck had resolved the issue on their own. No charges or police reports were ever filed. Hauck had disciplined the players during the spring, summer and fall. It had been their absense from uniform in the first game of the season that caused the Kaimin to start asking questions. After the Kaimin reporter asked the same question for the 4th time, Hauck said, according to the Kaimin, "You've asked the same question four F-ing times, and I'm not going to answer it." The Kaimin responded by doing three articles/editorials on the matter in their next issue, and eventually two or three more. Hauck then wouldn't respond to the Kaimin's questions for about a month. The so-called "belitting" and was Hauck's saying to the reporters, when he wouldn't answer their questions, "You certainly are persistent." Most people supported Hauck in his dealings with the Kaimin and this matter. I'm sure the players did too.Except for ongoing minor press generated by the Kaimin and their visiting professor advisor who had contacts with the national media, this matter was a big non-issue.

6. While this reporter is fine, he had his issues with Hauck over the years (and one can see some of the sour grapes and pettiness in this article).

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