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Jan. 16, 2008

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Obama's Campaign is not looking good after Nevada. Hispanics are not voting for him. Clintons are extremely popular among Asians too. How is he going to win California without the support from them? He will win South Carolina and some southern states. But he will not win the states with most delegates, such as California and New York. I guess the attempt to please the Republicans didn't help him in Nevada. Many Liberals are not happy with his comments about Ronald Reagan. He should forget about the Republicans. They will not vote for him. If you think the Clintons played dirt tricks on Obama, you haven't seen nothing yet. Wait for the Republicans if he is nominated. Obama should focus on Change, more important, what to change, and how to change. His Campaign really needs some real substances.

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Another problem with Obama is that he is trying to be everything for everyone. He is trying to be JFK for Liberals. He is trying to be MLK for African Americans. Now he is trying to be Ronald Reagan for the Republicans. Why doesn't he just be himself?

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I like Obama's message about change but I'm skeptical about his message calling for unity. One of the changes he promised is to withdraw all Combat troops from Iraq if elected. Try uniting with Republicans on that. It is easier said than done. The President has to make tough choices sometimes. If you are trying to please everyone, nothing will be done. It's not about unity but getting the job done. Party Politics has its deficiencies but it is the foundation of Democracy. If you hate Party Politics so much, why don't you "unite"/brainwash people into one Party and name it the Communist Party?

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I think Obama, unlike his overzealous supporters, is a visionary with good judgement. He wants to unite the country. Maybe he is genuine about it. However, I don't think he can do it. The master of negative Campaigns, Carl Rove, already labeled him as more liberal than Clinton. If he is nominated, I can garauntee that he will be attacked like John Kerry and Clintons by the Conservatives. No Conservative will vote for (in the general election) or cooperate with a black liberal. His recent speech about Ronald Reagan also turned me off. Reagan, though a Conservative, was a good President. Obama's admiration to him is OK. The problem is his intention. He is trying to woo the Independents and Republicans to vote for him in the Primaries. Everybody is saying that Clinton is calculated. The same thing can be said for Obama.

BTW, the lawsuit was a shame. The Clinton Camp should apologize for it.

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Some hard data on Budget deficits:
In 1992, it was $290 billion. In 2000, there was a surplus of $236 billion. The deficit was $413 billion in 2004, a record.

For those who are pro Nuke, where are you going to store all the Nuclear wastes other than Yucca Mountain? In your backyard?

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