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February 26, 2017

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June 29, 2012

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I believe some clarification is in order. Mr. Hacker states "...other municipalities are not as interested in pulling from the NLV FD now that there won't be any layoffs..." First, when was it decided that firefighters would not be laid off? And if this is true, does that not inherently imply that there is no longer a "fical emergency" and the temporary suspension of the CBA is no longer warranted?

Second, why would another fire department take into account layoffs in NLV when they can bring on fully, well-trained FF's and send them through a shorter, modified academy? After all, hiring a trained FF certainly reduces the budget of the hiring city. For example, hiring a paramedic from NLV would provide a savings of $60k (the approximate cost of paramedic school/training).

Third, as the best, well-trained FF's continually leave the NLV Fire Department for more stability and move to a department where they can trust that their contract will be honored, the potential for brownouts increases expotentially.

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