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February 22, 2017

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March 19, 2013

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Glad that the Governor's office has been thinking about this and planning ahead. If we are to balance the national budget at some point, reductions in the rate of spending must take place. It is not the Republicans who caused the sequester. As I recall, this was the Obama administrations idea in the first place. I speak as one who has already been affected by the sequester due to a slow-down of several projects in which I am engaged with government agencies here in Nevada. Governor Sandoval appears to be doing his level best to walk a very difficult course here.

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Important to see this number below double digits. Although we have a long way to go, imagine how much worse things could have been with Senator Reid's son as governor. Glad Sandoval's at the helm.

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The issue is still how well the money is used. Governor Sandoval proposed a sensible amount of spending for education and has not caved in to the legislature's attempt to up the ante. Good for him.

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If we don't learn to live within our means, future budgets will only become more and more problematic. The governor is right to stand firm on his promise to veto taxes above the level he previously agreed to.

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We now have that rare and happy combination of a governor and legislature who actually believe in getting something done. Let's not waste what Gov. Sandoval and the legislature did by fumbling this at the school district level.

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