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April 12, 2010

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Getting 3 furloughs back is a drop in the well of what State employees have lost, especially when you consider the law requires participation in the PERS retirement system. Guess what? Contributions are going up on July 1st. The State simply does not come close to the compensation packages of the County or City of Las Vegas who pay 100% of their employees PERS. For example: an officer with a State law enforcement agency making 50,000 a year does not seem that disproportionate to a County officer making 60,000. Its only ten grand right? Wrong!!! Why? Because other than taxes, the entire 60,000 is the County officers pay. The State officer is responsible for self funding 40% of his or her payroll to PERS under Police/Fire. This means the State employee not only is making ten grand less outright, but loses an additional 20 grand to a retirement that is fully funded by the County agency. What do you get? A county officer making 60,000 a year and a State officer making 30,000 a year. With new State employees being locked in with no pay raises for another two years, how can the State hope to not lose these assets to County or City agencies? State employees can't have all their work days back yet, must pay more for retirement even if they do not want a retirement but it has been deemed important to use surplus funds to teach the English language to illegal residents of our State. If they did the right thing it would be to immediately bring back the time and grade pay raises and keep the across the board furloughs as long as needed. The no step increase policy does not affect State employees the same. If you're a topped out employee you feel only the furlough. If you're a step two employee you feel the furlough as well, the tens of thousands of dollars in lost step increase compensation they have gone without for 6 years now. Drop in the well,

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Why is anyone looking at this from a money saved perspective? The Constable business, and I say business because that is exactly what it was, always operated in the black. Employees, other than the City workers in the office all paid for their own benefits etc, and didn't make any money unless they produced paperwork. Abolishing this office means we just added 30 plus County employees to Sheriff Civil with full benefit packages. The upside is simply when a Deputy knocks on your door it will be a fully fledged, background investigated, POST certified and trained public servant with a solid chain of command bound by law, policy and procedure. If a murder suspect flees a home he will be pursued and brought to justice before he can hurt anyone else. Anyone who wears a badge and operates under color of authority should be a salaried employee who answers to the public he or she serves. This is a good move.

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The only problem with the Las Vegas Constables office is it has always been a private business rather than a public service. Sure under Bobby G the department successfully stayed off the public radar, but that was only because he made it clear to his Deputies they are not cops and in times of need are expected to be good witnesses not policemen. Instances such as the missed body in the recent eviction occur because the deputy has no interest in catching criminals only getting the locks changed so he or she can move onto the next eviction and get paid per paper completed. ANY government office should pay it's employees based on a salary period and be accountable to it's City or government not free to exercize power in any form it chooses lest it be abolished completely. It is my hope the good deputies, and there are a few, from that office are given preferential hiring at the Sheriff Civil and enjoy the benefits of an hourly wage and true public service. As for the currently elected Constable and all of his buddies he brought with him, good riddance.

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Truth be told there are about a half dozen ways to get on a DUI to include amending the charge to Driving while Impaired. The citizen complaint coupled with the trooper's observations and the failed FST's was more than enough to this end. That being said, why would taxpayers approve of elected officials driving State, County or City vehicles after drinking at all? Is it OK for our cops to start drinking on duty now as long as they stay under a .08? Most importantly, if the trooper had to pull a taser, it was to gain compliance for arrest not for FST's. Newsflash Constable, you're not such a bigshot you can break the law or take advantage of taxpayers and office benefits without repercussion, as well, if I frmly believed as you seem to that the entire county commission was out to get me, I probably wouldn't drive after drinking.

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My 12 year old witnessed 3 black children calling another child fat and being mean on the first day of school this year. My son told them to stop and was physically attacked by one of the kids. My white 12 year old defended himself as anyone would do and was suspended right along side his attacker so I would have to say from personal experience the no tollerance policies of the CCSD are pretty unbias.

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