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Jan. 6, 2010

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Here is ALL here needs to do "and say":

My Fellow Americans. Las Vegas is one of the great convention/business destinations of the world. Everyone should "highly" consider Las Vegas as the place to host your business meeting/convention. If you bring your meeting/convention, you will not be criticized, penalized or chastised for doing so. You will also be re-energizing a city whose economy has been one of the hardest hit.

Again, Bring your meetings & conventions to Las Vegas!!!!

Thank you for the business

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I love traveling, hence my nickname and i visit Las Vegas about 5 times a year. I stay all over Vegas to spread the wealth to all in town.

I dont buy any of this from Harrah's. They are trying to pump up their business in a time where people arent come their way.

I am not opposed to paying a Service Fee if i know about it. Since nearly all include free internet, it is a great deal because otherwise i would be paying $14.99 for 24 hours of use so the service fee actually is a bargain!!! So dont forget this Harrah's when you gouge your guests a la carte for ALL the individual services the others will now include in their service fees. Your guests will now probably pay more than any of the listed fees.

I just went on to websites at all hotels and here is what i found. Hotels like Excalibur, Treasure Island and all of Station Casinos Hotels tell you about the service fee upfront right as you are looking to obtain rates. I also went on to Expedia for the hotels above and those third party websites also clearly told me about the service fees. So no issue at all about disclosure. It couldnt have been more clearly displayed.

Sounds like those complaining are those who really just dont want to have to pay it? But you cant say that the hotels arent telling you about it up front. You just choose not to like it. But if you accept the terms then you know about it and you pay for it just like any other purchase you make in life.

So let me throw this one out there. Ever rented a car before? Have you seen their charged fees? They charge you a gas cap fee, a gas pedal fee, a windshield wiper fee, etc, etc. Dont hear anyone complaining about those fees??

And lets get to the best one of all. Airline baggage fees. I just went on a Delta flight and had three bags and paid $20 per bag each way. So my bags cost me on my vacation $120 round trip. And they never even got any peanuts or a free beverage. But the flights are full and i hear no one complaining. Its just something you do. Lets put it this way. You are helping to stimulate the economy in one way, shape or form.

So everyone, please, start supporting the city of las vegas. Your griping wont do anything to help Vegas. It will only hurt it. If you dont like it, either dont come to Vegas or if you currently live here and dont like it, leave. Stay away and go visit some other city that enjoys your ranting and raving. But just promise you will leave Las Vegas, the greatest city in the world, alone!

2010 is the year of Optimism. Vegas will do it without you. Preferrably with you. But we will get it done either way!

Viva Las Vegas!

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