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February 26, 2017

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Bob Jack
Dec. 6, 2008

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Why should the SCOTUS concern itself with an endless review of cases which are no longer relevant to national needs? Let them instead review such matters as the intimidation by the Black Panthers interfering with voter access to the polls during an election.
The Obama administration's(DOJ's) refusal to investigate this case is another instance of the administration's racial bias in favor of blacks over non blacks. Another scandalous act by this administration.

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The U.S. Government is an unsupervised out of control entity,with sweeping powers over our privacy. Their access to our personal information( e.g. Emails, telephone conversations,etc;)should be restricted to a case by case basis,with a court warrant and court supervision,and only in cases where needed to investigate or prosecute a known or suspected national security threat.

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Terrific last post. I am in complete agreement with you. Anyone who has common sense would be also.

Keep up your good work on here,and thanks for your contributions to an intelligent dialogue!


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I just returned to read the posts. First ,Michael,you are right about being blasted for my post,but even Bradley was kind enough to call me a Republican. For that I am grateful and thankful, Bradley! You may even call me a "conservative Republican".Michael,more than any other any poster, you are always looking at everyone's point of view. Trying to be "fair and balanced" (just like Fox News). Seriously, you are most thoughtful and balanced in your reactions and thoughts. That for one I appreciate!


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