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Oct. 26, 2009

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This is why I cannot stand boxing. I promise if the two sides can't stage the fight on the 13th of March, the sport (in terms of any relevance) is gone. The greed, ignorance, ego, and outright selfishness of everyone involved is astonishing. Floyd needs to back off of his ridiculous assertion of USADA testing. If he is the better boxer, no amount of illegal drugs will diminish that. Manny needs to be the lone voice in speaking for himself, instead of the tens of "advisers" speaking for him. Arum just needs to shut the heck up. Stating urine testing picks everything up hurts his boxer's claim against blood testing. The only one absolved (somewhat) from this is Golden Boy, since they are only the messengers for Floyd. Bottom line is this: if this fight doesn't happen, boxing as we know it in terms of relevance is dead.

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I totally agree with your assessment. People don't look at the residual effects the CityCenter Project has had in the past and will have in the future. The inevitable gains in market share from one property must mean the reduction in market share at others. This will become magnified since the overall market is down. Since there is a net loss of customers staying in the rooms and gambling at the tables, how will CityCenter's competitors handle the losses. Hint: the largest continuous expenditure is personnel. Hmmm....

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Look - I did not come here to get into a pissing match with any of you. All I came here to do is address some of the hateful things some people say on the internet, and the stereotypes folk always make. I allowed the ignorance of some to get to me. My apologies to the other commenters. I should have shown restraint. It is a tragedy this young man lost his life. That is the most important thing.

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Oh I forgot; you infected her with your virus. It would be beneath me to sleep with such refuse.

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I don't have an anger problem; I have a problem with cowards who talk tough over the internet but is feeble as tissue paper in person.

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