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July 14, 2010

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As the dust settles over the initial shock of Eric's death now the anger is going to set in. I have the comments on Eric here and with the review journal, and much to my suprise the tides are changing. All the sudden it appears it has become a possibility that there is more to this story then what the media has put out. There is two sides to every story, the police has managed to get theirs out, now its Eric's turn. I think this community needs to wake up and realize that it is not impossible for the police to have made a mistake, now lets see if they own up to it.By justifing the shooting for the police, will only send out the worst message ever to the community. NOT A GOOD IDEA, people are upset by this. It has escalated to the point that its not even about Eric anymore.....there is a reason for everything in this world, and I believe that Eric early departure may have been part of a bigger plan......The corruption needs to stop for all our sakes......This could have been any of us or our family memebers.

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Thank god for the consitution, look at all the freedoms we have, "The right to bear arms" and above all of them, the one being exercised right here in all these comments, "The freedom of speech", maybe a few people who have posted these ridiculous comments deserve to be one comment said "he deserved to be shot" what kind of human are you....good thing it wasnt your brother or family member. You would think different. IMO This situation was out of control from the get go, Costco should have been aware of what they were getting themselves, and all the shoppers into ,to report"that there was a crazed man destroying merchandise in Costco with a gun", they set the stage for the police. What I dont understand is how our TRAINED officers can walk up on a situation with a report that Costco gave and not want to verify the allegations of the call. Wouldnt you think if there was a crazed man running through Costco, there would not have been a calm exit of the crowd ,which this man was one of the crowd. If they were close enough to tap him on the shoulder, and they really felt that he was a threat, why tap him on the shoulder, why didnt they just taze him and drop him, then ask questions. Why is there three cops in crowd of people shouting out commands and then firing their guns. This whole situation was a reaction to an overaggerated report from Costco. It is sad for everyone involved. Especially for Eric Scott who did not deserve this. No one deserves to be shot in a situation like this. There was not to much thought given in this. If our police officers are being trained to kill then ask questions in a situation where there was no apparent threat on anyone......the problem is much bigger than the shooting at Costco. And if anyone would like to challenge the comment on the posted signs on Costco on Charleston and 215 get off the couch and take a drive , there is no signs anywhere on that buiding stating there are no weapons on the premises....Nice try .........Finally this is man who served our country, educated himself, and worked in the medical industry with a team of people saving lifes, giving people a chance for a better quality of life, do you really think after all the work he had to do to get where he was in life, he would go into a Costco and destroy merchandise and wave his gun around....Really....You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.....J1979 kudos to you for your comment, its nice to see some people are paying attention to the STORIES that the police department is TRYING to put out there to protect their own, and oddly in saying that, isnt it their job to PROTECT AND SERVE, where was the protection for Eric Scott? My prayers go out to the family and friends of Eric Scott.

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