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May 10, 2009

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Oh no! A thoughtful Republican who weighs the options before he decides? Somoeone who instead of knee-jerk partisan reactions actually takes time to listen to both sides?

Go Brian! We love you and you are our only hope of not having a Reid as Governor.

(Suggest removal) 4/7/10 at 7:35 a.m.

Had better check the parking garage tapes, lockup the waitresses at the bar next door and make sure he didn't raise the parking meter fees- taxes - fees.

Bet if you had asked him in the parking lot if he had just met with the Chamber he would have said, "what business is it of yours?" Then he'd go "I wasn't in the DC ugh the Chamber with that girl errr those businessmen. No absolutely, I didn't just walk out that door you saw me come out of. I'm not here right now, you can't see me!"

(Suggest removal) 3/18/10 at 6:04 p.m.

Our teachers actually received a pay increase last year of over 4% while the rest of the state employees received furlough days and pay cuts. Class size reduction has been an expensive waste of money as evidenced by the fact that test scores have not increased in the years we've been funding it. Full day kindergarten is in the same category, expensive and wasteful. With stagnant test scores and reports that demonstrate that over half of our students don't graduate the teachers and their union had the audacity to introduce, advocate for and get a law passed that made it illegal to connect performance to results? That is the mentality we are dealing with.

Nevada's budget and economy have contracted by almost a third but those who consume our tax dollars think they should be exempt from the pain. Why isn't the guy or gal who went to UNLV's hotel school and earned a degree there exempt from the pain of being laid off when the hotels and gaming properties had to make cuts? The fact that teachers went to school and earned a degree should not be a reason to exempt them form what everyone is having to experience, that is to cut funding. Teaching salries consume 85% of all the money spent in schools. That means 15% is left for the buildings, books and all the other things required to facilitate a students learning. That is not acceptable.

Every time Nevada passes a tax increase businesses pay attention and expand somewhere else or relocate somewhere else which further shrinks our tax base. This is what I'd like teaches to understand, that if you increase taxes your tax base will contract and tax revenues shrink. Don't believe me? Look over our Western border and see what kind of mess California is in. Is that what our teachers want here in Nevada? If that is the structure you want go to California and contribute to the hastening of their demise and leave those of us who seek opportunity and success through hard work alone!

(Suggest removal) 1/27/10 at 4:33 p.m.

Thank God for a person who understands that you cannot create jobs through taxation! Obama promised us jobs with the TARP money, he said unemployment would stay under 8%. How did that work out?

The study that just came out that said our state workers were the 6th highest paid in the nation should be a rallying cry to Nevadans. You cannot have the second highest unemployment in the nation, and one of the highest paid state work forces.

The state should live within its means just like I have to. Go get them Brian! And keep the government out of my bedroom and out of my pocketbook!

(Suggest removal) 1/13/10 at 5:49 p.m.

Rory Reid is vanilla icecream that tastes like cardboard. Only he has no calories because he has no substance.

Jim Gibbons is a teenaged whore monger who won the lottery, dumped his girlfriend and when on a four year bender.

(Suggest removal) 12/3/09 at 10:42 a.m.

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