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June 15, 2010

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well, it is hard to be fearful of your family, which is what they are to me. Metro is family, I do know officer Yant as a person and I as much as I would like to say he is the right, I cant until I see everything before me. One thing you have to understand, "not everything is as it seems,and everything is always what it seems." What I mean is, You have to let your personal beliefs behind you and look at everything with clear mind, only then can you see what it truly is. I dont care if it was JUST marijuana. It is illegal. Maybe, Just maybe if people could get to these young men sooner you know.... as ...a .parent...You blame the police for enforcing the laws that YOU vote for. This isnt about most criminals, this is about a police officer that shot a person in the line of duty. The question is" was it justified?" I was not there and I dont believe you were either, we need to give that poilce officer the same chance in court as we do any other person. I believe in justice, that may make me stupid, but I am much happier not making judgments on other people.

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I just got my M and I am still not ready for the road, I know that I am not comfortable and that means I am unsafe. I have a lot of parking lots to tour before I am ready. However, two people have lost their lives, reguardless of how, what, when or why. Lets just focus on that, and let the police do their jobs.

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Notims, there have been cases of unjustified officer involved shootings in Las Vegas, and they are punished just like any other criminal. However, Not one of us were there at the time of this one, so let everyone do their job and let the truth come out.

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