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Oct. 17, 2008

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Teaser -- good point. With a few exceptions relating to interstate trafficking of weapons, the president has very little to do with gun laws. And Obama has long made it clear that (a) he believes the 2nd Amendment creates an individual right to own weapons regardless of whether one belongs to a militia, and (b) he will not touch hunters' rights to own hunting weapons. But, should we take reasonable efforts to keep guns out of the hands of felons and crazy people? I would think so.

Mikegino stated (after his racist shot at Johnevegas), "Have you ever produced food for others to eat, or basic products for others to use as a necessary part of their daily life?" Uh, what does that have to do with anything? And, for what it's worth, McCain's gainful employment has been to (a) drop napalm on people, (b) be a toady for the Navy with congresspeople, (c) marry into megawealth, and (d) sit around in Congress and create only one significant piece of legislation, a campaign reform law that he now tries to circumvent.

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NVMakz: "List a tax-hike proposal / bill Barry has NOT voted for? That is, when he shows up to vote, lol!"

Uh, McCain has a poorer voting attendance record than Obama, nitwit. In fact, McCain is the only senator who's attendance is worse that SD Senator Johnson, who suffered from s serious stroke.

And remember that it was McCain who said the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy -- the ones he NOW wants to keep -- were "irresponsible". Nothing like a need to pander to the rich and powerful (including their 29 lobbyists on his campaign staff) to make you see taxes in a different light, eh?

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Why is it that SBNative and Johnevegas have to try to hijack every thread here that remotely relates to the election with their robo-falsity. Let it go guys -- we know where your heads are at about Obama, okay?

And, yes, while the people who knock on your doors are a little annoying, I think there's something terrific about people being willing to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to spend days and days for no pay just to try to get people to vote. I got a call from my neighbor yesterday -- he announced he was calling from Columbus, Ohio, where's he out there for two weeks to help make sure that there's no intimidation at the polls to keep people from voting. (The Republicans in various areas are hiring uniformed security guards to hang around polling places to make it uncomfortable for anyone with an outstanding traffic warrant to hang around the polls.) He's trying to get others of us to come out and help. I know another fellow -- African-American -- who's going back to his home town of Gary, Indiana to do the same thing, and be there when (knock, knock, knock) the election night celebration begins.

But, if you don't like 'em talking to you, please just go out and vote early. It's actually easier than on election day -- you can vote anywhere in the County rather than at your own precinct.

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Geez, NVMakz and JFN, you guys have nothing better to do than to spout Obama-hate that shows a complete absence of any analysis of what Obama actually proposes. Let's see: "The systematic rape of ALL Americans by the Obamunists goes on in order to satisfy the FEW for "fairness"." Uh, I don't think this or any of his past tax proposals called for raising the taxes on all Americans. In fact, it's been confirmed that he'll raise the taxes only on the top 5% -- and then only to Clinton-Gore levels. Gee, since America ran a surplus during the end of that administration, do you think that your venomous attacks are maybe (a) baseless, and (b) not particularly helpful in helping to bring out country to all pull together to try to resolve our current crises? Hate is fun, isn't it?

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NVMakz, could you please provide a citation to some proof for your statement that "I have many State AGs and SOSs backing me"??? And while there no doubt will be some people affiliated with ACORN (among the hundreds of thousands who work for them) who cross the line (a small proportion as compared to percentage of Congressional Republicans connected to Jack Abramoff, for example) the small number of uncoordinated and individually undertaken improper votes that result from registrations that ACORN unwittingly passed on, Republicans like Sue Lowden are trying to essentially disenfranchise thousands of voters on a wholesale basis. So, who's the greater threat to democracy here?

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