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February 21, 2017

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Feb. 12, 2010

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IAW the recent Clark County report on newly registered voters it shows that newly registered voters outpaced the Republican Party and within striking distance of the Democratic Party.

The report, showed the Independents received 31.8%, the Republicans 25.8% and the Democrats 32.6% of the newly registered voters in Clark County for quarter ending calendar year 2009.

This clearly shows citizen disgust at the two traditional parties. We are fed up with the constant bickering, fighting over political agendas. We are only interested in people that will shed any ties to any party that is only in the business of enriching their leadership fiscally and with the other incentives that these careerist politicians seek, power over the people!

As an registered Independent, I am fed up with the same ole', same ole' BS that I have been fed by both parties. I am, myself running for the office of Clark County Commissioner District F, as an Independent, because I am fed up with the corruption and perceptions of corruption here in Clark County.

Things must change. We can not live any longer with the incumbents entrenched in the pockets of lobbyists. We cannot allow the needs of the people to be over-ridden so easily by those whose bank accounts have blossomed since they took office.

We must stop all corruption where millions of our taxpayer dollars are misappropriated and spent on projects of which ultimately derail the public's needs and wants!

Yes, Breck, it is time to shake up Clark County and Nevada.

Nevada used to be proud of its name as the "Independent State" prior to the mid 80's when Nevada became a colony of California.

Being called the "Independent State" was a badge of honor for this state of Nevada. We used to wear it proudly and that let the traditional Republicans and Democrats know that we were free thinkers, not willing to go along with the herd and drink the kool-ade and be kept in the dark eating BS!

I am an Independent and I see the upcoming years here in Nevada with the Independents overtaking both parties, not just the Republicans as is the case now, but both, and the people who will be running want only to do the people's business, identical to our ancestors of had for decades prior till the pissing contest began between the Democrats and the Republicans, prevented them from doing our business but focused too much on their self-enriching schemes at our expense via tax dollars!

The REBELLION has begun and in this year's elections, we will show the entire country, that we are indeed the "Independent State" and shun all incumbents and vote in only Independents. Can you just imagine the other two parties when this occurs and watch them scatter like cockroaches when you turn the lights on?

I am eagerly awaiting that scenario in November as one of the Independents running for office!

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I live in one of the most foreclosed upon zip codes in the top ten here in Las Vegas, 89178.

My name is Jeff Durbin MSgt USAF, Ret, and I live in the Mountains Edge Community. While I think I have a great home and I have great neighbors, I am disgusted at having lost value in my home of more than 33% in the past year and just as much prior to that in the previous year.

The biggest problem we have here in Mountains Edge is that the democratic County Commissioners to include the District F, Susan Brager(D) voted against the more than 10K homeowners and sided with the builder to stop all the items of which was a selling point for new home buyers here in Mountain's Edge.

However, knowing that Brager(D) is a licensed real estate agent and has close ties to the builders and others clearly indicate why she shat on the Mountain's Home owners!

With that being said, because of what the Clark County Commissioners did by voting against us here, many of my neighbors are walking away! The reasons are they we bought for a respite area away from the Las Vegas lifestyle but the County Commissioners and Susan Brager(D), District F, voted to revoke that from us!

That is one of the reasons, I am running as an Independent American candidate for the Office of Clark County Commissioner here in District F, I live in this community in the Southwest part of Las Vegas. This is my home. This is where I bought based upon the fact, that I do enjoy the Las Vegas entertainment life style, but I do also enjoy the neighborhood life of walking and meeting my neighbors.

All of that has been dismissed via the Clark County Commissioner and Susan Brager(D). I am concerned as well, that even though all that was promised by the builder here, that they persist in running the same commercials touting items they know are untrue and have been deleted by the real estate agent, Susan Brager(D) and the entire Clark County Commissioners against we, the people here!

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Amazing that the other day on Jon Ralston's show, when he had Sen. Reid as a guest, that Sen. Reid called the Clark County's application of funds from HUD a complete mistake because they put a request together that was totally irresponsible.

The fact, and as noted by Sen. Reid that his own son, has failed to ensure the funds that Clark County had received in past had not even been spent.

But there was a failure to note why this was done. For instance if Clark County had gotten this money, it would of had been managed by Clark County and thus commissioners such as Susan Brager(D) a licensed real estate agent.

Note that most of funds from HUD are for refurbishment. Also, note that current refurbishment contracts typically go to real estage agents.

Am I missing something here? Let's recap. Money managed by real estate commissioner....real estate agents getting monies to refurbish....there is a connection here somehow. I see it do you!

My name is Jeff Durbin MSgt USAF Ret. and I am the Independent American candidate for office of Clark County Commission District F and I am not a real estate agent, so I have no, absolutely no ethical issues in regards to this.

I am a homeowner whose home zip code is on the top worst here in Vegas as foreclosures. I also live in Mountains Edge of which residents were disrespected by Clark County Commissioners to include Susan Brager(D) who voted against us and sided with builder to deny services and to degrade our neighborhood with rezoning that will put bars, massage parlors and who knows what else in our neighborhood!

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Commissioner Sisolak is absolutely right on this matter. If we were to put alcohol so readily available to newly arrived visitors, they would immediately begin to drink right there in baggage areas, or even enroute to pick up rental vehicles, and drink before hitting our roads/streets here in Las Vegas.

Not to mention what others have talked about, i.e, drunk passengers getting their luggage from carousels.

Drunk passengers getting into taxis, and other conveyance vehicles. Possibly throwing up in vehicles, and just imagine pissing contest that will evolve from drunks not getting their baggage because they perceive someone is in their way, but in their drunken state of mind, this is purely in their mind.

Commissioner Sisolak is not being a prude on this matter, but he is being realistic and displaying visionary skills on this matter. His experience should not be downplayed.

This is not a good idea for Las Vegas. If customers ask taxi cab drivers to take them to 7-11, let it continue. But I do not want to bump into more drunkards picking up my baggage at McCarran.

Violence will be only increase here at McCarran as well, as increased policing of baggage area, and outside baggage terminal where police will be required to arrest tourists for drunk behavior in public.

Let this stay on strip. Don't bring it into airport or other public areas where non-drinking people will be forced to deal with drunkards while trying to enjoy their time here in Las Vegas and thse people are willing to wait until they get to a proper venue to drink and consumer alcohol.

We should not subject other visitors to having to endure boorish drunks at baggage pick-up areas, it is bad enough we have to endure their boorish drunken behavior behind wheels of rental vehicles.

This may be Las Vegas, but we have to have some concern for this issue, as it will cause problems to ordinary citizens. Commissioner Sisolak is absolutely right on this matter, pure and simple.

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