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Oct. 16, 2011

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People on here are really interesting.

Ive never realized that this country, the country of my birth, was filled with so many self righteous folks who could care less about their fellow humans.

Without even knowing them, assumptions are made, and judgements are passed. Its really kind of scary to think this is the kind of logic that has the potential to direct discourse within the political electorate.

I went 11.5 months without a job. I have one now and Ive almost been employed a full year. Ive been promoted all the way up into one of the key positions of the company. I save my money, we cut corners by eliminating quite a few bills so we can save even more in anticipation for the next round of unemployment.

For that 11.5 months I endured comments on the boards calling me lazy, stupid, and worthless. I was told I should leave the city I grew up in amd that I obviously did not work hard enough otherwise I would of kept a job.

People who make these blind assumptions at typed words are the worst kind of ignorance, or they are paid trolls. Either way, that mentality is a vile plague on our society that puts dollars before flesh and blood.

From someone who has worked hard and overcome challenge after challenge, quite a few of them a byproduct of this screwed up system, I proudly say I AM THE 99%. If you think you are different from me, its because you are either wealthy or ignorant.

The system is flawed.

The buhddists imply that the main difference between human beings and animals is the animals rely on pure instinctual behavior.

The main dynamic that pushes capitalism is the idea of self preservation. Self preservation is a purely instinctual response, thus capitalism, beneath all its fancy buildings and cars, and glorified lives, is a purely animalistic way of life, NOT CIVILIZED.

Keeping that in mind, its no wonder ignorance prevails so much within the GOP.

How many republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

NONE. They fear change, even if it could brighten everyones life

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