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sean kinshella
Dec. 29, 2010

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Those that comment on the validity of medical marijuana are overlooking the point. Here's a quick synopsis of the FACTS.

An initiative was set in motion by NORML in the late nineties and was approved and ratified by the Nevada voters at the 1998 and 2000 general elections.

The voters PASSED, with 65% favor, question 9 in 2000 which stated the following, "...would authorize appropriate methods of supply to authorized patients..."

The Nevada State Constitution was Amended with Article 4 Section 38 which again states, "The legislature shall provide by law for,...1(e) Authorization of appropriate methods for supply of the plant to patients authorized to use it..."

NRS453a VIOLATES its obligation to the constitution in two fundamental ways.

One, appropriate supply of the plant. There are NO current ways to legally obtain seeds or clones (young plants). Meaning you must break the law at some point to obey the rest of the law.

Two, Growing ones own is not an acceptable method of supply in the first place. Not only is it extremely difficult to grow medical grade cannabis, but many living situations do not allow this, It can also be a fire hazard if set up incorrectly, and not to mention a terminally ill patient may lack the physical ability to do so, or even find a caregiver willing to to so on their behalf. This is very obviously not an acceptable method of supply.

The issue is not medical cannabis. The issue is an unconstitutional law. It is un-american to tolerate such laws, we have democracy for a reason and we all, both the skeptics and believers, should be able to agree on that.

Fulfill the voters will, YOUR will, the quantified will of the majority. Its the American thing to do.

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They call to verify my identity and then remove my comments. As a person who was raided, my input should be valued. Why the censorship? especially when my comments conform to their policy?

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Anti-Compassion Commenters,

Our state law recognizes marijuana as a medicine. NRS453a. If your doctor recommends it, you are hereby legal to possess it,use it, and grow it.

Grow your own?
Who here needs to manufacture their own Anti-biotics?

In order to grow your own you must obtain seeds or clones, ILLEGALLY which promotes the street dealers! Harvesting 3 plants could yield a POUND of cannabis! instantly making your legal one ounce a problem. If you harvest every 3-5 months, and you ingest an ounce a week, this amount would be suitable. However, you are not allowed to posses more than an ounce at a time!

Whats a coop/collective?
A non-profit association of patients who deposit their excess meds for use or exchange for different strains at a later date when needed. Businesses cost money to run, charities included. As a non-profit the organization must use the accrued funds AFTER business expenses to further the efforts of the organization, rather than paying out to investors or owners.

These shop owners are not driving around in Hummers with 24 inch rims blasting gangster rap. Their your average middle class mom and dad struggling to survive in the worst economic climate this town has ever seen, and guess what, THEIR HELPING HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE at the same time. WIN/WIN.

Our LAW is deliberately flawed, our state government does not want to uphold what voters already voted for. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL (per our state constitution) to recognize marijuana as a medicine and provide NO means to get it, OR GROW IT! If I have to grow my own, then wheres the place I can walk into and get my seeds or clones?

Busting these places only fuels the street dealers. Street dealers do not inspect their cannabis with microscopes. They buy low and sell high, selling mold and pesticide ridden cannabis to anyone who wants it, most of it traffic'd in from out of state. They don't know or care what strain would help that HIV patient out there have an appetite or what strain could allow them relief during the day without making them sedated or tired. They don't care, they are the ones in it for the money, NOT the people who risk their own safety to provide access the state has not.

The argument should not be "they are enforcing the law".

Theres a law against prostitution in Clark County but I could call a call girl, go to the vip room of a strip club or walk into a massage parlor and pay for sex at any time. Dispensing disease should be of higher concern than dispensing inspected safe medicine to PEOPLE WHO ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO HAVE IT.

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The current law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

You CANNOT recognize cannabis as a medicine and NOT provide access to it!

Who here needs to manufacture their own opiate pain med that happen to be abused more that ALL illegal drugs combined? Weather you are pro-MMJ or anti-MMJ we can all agree that the law RECOGNIZES cannabis as a medicine, and even if there is JUST ONE terminally ill patient who benefits from it, we HAVE to provide SAFE ACCESS!

You cannot expect someone dieing to set up water, lights, climate control, find seeds on the black market, tend, harvest, and correctly cure their own medicine! and even IF they did manage to do all this, three plants could yield up to a POUND! You should be able to donate the excess of legal limit to a collective coop service and utilize it at a later date.


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