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Josh Cohen
Sept. 20, 2011

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Of course he won't call for a special session, that would require leadership. The kind he likes to talk about, but is incapable of demonstrating. Lucky he's got the Hispanic last name and is a good looking guy, else he'd be just another moderately functional partisan drone.

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Ensign is a tragic hypocrite who ruined lots of lives due to his inability to come to terms with the reality of his destructive behavior and hyper-inflated ego.

Dean Heller is exactly right to take reasonable steps to ensure that fuel costs are as low as possible during these tough economic times. I'd think that you people who read this paper would understand that fuel prices have a disproportional effect on people who make less money, as their costs to get to work, pick the kids, and run around consume a higher percentage of their after-taxes income than it does for a wealthy person. Keeping fuel prices low helps low income people more than it does the righ. The Nevada Democratic Party should focus more on figuring out who they're going to put up against Heller next after it is concluded that Shelley Berkley's manipulation of the UMC Nephrology program may have cost people their lives by extending the contract with the same people who had much higher than average rejection rates. If Shelley's greed caused innocent people to die, then she has much more than just political problems.

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Romney's only chance is that Perry continues to implode, and everyone forgets about Romeny-care. If Perry hadn't passed the TX Dream Act, and given preference to undocumented immigrants over U.S. citizens, Romney would walk away with this. Sadly, Romney did pass Romney-care (how is that working out for MA?) and Perry did give preference to foreign nationals over citizens. I wonder if the Romney campaign plans to comply with the new federal legal criteria for unpaid internships?

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Why would Chairman Gibbs attack "We the People" and help the people who are secretly trying to enable same day registration so they can steal the caucuses? Is Chairman Gibbs scared of who would win the caucuses if they were run honestly? Maybe the "powers that be" found something that gives them leverage over him? Something that he doesn't want to be made public? Do they let people occupy these positions without having something over them? Why else would he betray his party, sell out his people and join the establishment power brokers, depriving the county parties of the people and funds that would otherwise rightly be theirs? What was he promised? The people at TRUNC, the 912ers, the Patriots, they are the only thing that stands between freedom and the forces that want to take over the party, decimate the county parties, and rule through their nefarious cabal of power mad elitists.

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Someone remind me again. What are her qualifications to be Chair besides being married to a candidate famous for being a perennial loser? Could be worse I guess. They could let Heidi Smith and Bob Beers engineer another debacle like 2008. I'm sure George Harris would be willing to bankrupt another entity, or they could let Uithoven lose to another chicken. A giant collection of winners that group.

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