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Sept. 18, 2008

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Seriously: McCain is the KING of DEREGULATION.

When I lived in AZ, McCain buckled to the power companies and supported their deregulation. Power companies and McCain's camp argued to the voters that free market competition would make the price go down. Well, needless to say, our electricity prices skyrocketed almost as soon as the DEREGULATION that McCain was pushing passed.

I don't doubt that McCain would also champion environmental and safety deregulation under pressure from the nuclear storage lobby if it meant that looser restrictions would save them money. Beware of John "Stable as Plutonium" McCain folks...

(Suggest removal) 10/12/08 at 2:06 p.m.

>"McCain "supports Yucca as long as it meets environmental and safety concerns," according to his Nevada spokesman, Rick Gorka."

Will it be the same REGULATORS that make sure of this that McCain has been so effective and outspoken in supporting? Wink, wink.

(Suggest removal) 10/12/08 at 1:59 p.m.

Hey folks...There's absolutely no reason for any bailouts because, as McCain said 1 week ago, "the economy is fundamentally strong"...Either he's a big time flip flopper or he's completely out of touch with economic reality in this country. If we elect McCain, who shares Bush's economic ideology that the best way to feed the birds is to feed the horses, US will become a third world country. The deregulatory environment /non-oversight that has been the hallmark of Wall Street since the GOP has been in office was calculated to help Bush sell this lemon of a war in Iraq. That's right, Greenspan and the Fed were hand in hand with this GOP agenda. Lowering rates down to 1 % and advocating the use of adjustable rate mortgages as Greenspan did, was like sprinkling crack on the economy. Take housing and related out of the GDP over the several years and what kind of growth do you get? That's right, 1%. Last time Bush Senior left office, we had the S&L bailouts which McCain had a front row seat to. Bush senior ignored Danny Waller's testimony to congress knowing what the stakes were. Look, a vote for the GOP is a vote for USA to become 3rd world country...

(Suggest removal) 9/22/08 at 10:52 a.m.

I hope the folks that are "stepping out" for McCain remember (in light of this new 1 trillion $$ bailout) that it was only a 1 week ago that McCain said that "the economy is fundamentally strong"...Yes, and last week he became "pro-regulation" as well. He's been a champion of deregulation to the extent that it's hurt his constituency in AZ. Talk about flip-flopping!

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