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March 6, 2008

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I agree with you patient 2008, maybe it is just me or this article, but it sure seems like it contradicts itself quite a bit.
On how good they are,,and then low we are ranked.

Please everyone we all know that they are all going to try and make themselves look "not guilty" or that they are the "super heros" in this mess.

They are all connected in their little group, or make that a larger group. The patient has no say, and now we sit and wonder how much they are going to shovel their "stuff" at us and the rest of the country to make themselves look like super heros! I have talked to several in other states about this they are "clueless" as to what is going on here.

I am tired of them all,,,all I want is for this whole thing to be like a bad dream and go away, but I know it will never go away, as so many of us await blood work, and will need to be tested through the years.

Sorry but I don't trust any of them anymore.
They get to write the articles for the paper with their fancy words, and talking with their lawyers,,who do we have standing up for us, that does not want more money from an already drained economy and hurting situation all around?

Many of us are just trying to keep our health, homes and jobs. Now that they have messed with our health,,,it has put even more of a strain on our lives.

If he gets his license back I doubt very much he will have any patients,,,,am sure he will skip to india before then anyway, he is not God but sure seems to think he is,,and can side step all of this.

Anyone with any power should go after all of these degenerates that risked so many lives. There is a long line of them, and all they know how to do is cover their tails,,,who is covering ours may I ask?

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I agree with you this poor guy that blames himself,,,it is not his fault. Looks there are so many to blame in this situation. But surely not one that was a victim himself.

I do hope that with all the postings that many will let us know here how there tests turned out.

I know from a friend of mine that contacted Hep C from one of these clinics, didn't of course know "exactly" where till this came about. I also know what it is like to have someone close to me that is HIV+.

Thankfully they are both doing good,,,but the heartache we all feel right now knowing that this was done "intentionally" to so many of our neighbors, family and friends, even strangers draws us all closer and maybe something good can come out of this.

Am going to see if there is any support groups here in Vegas,,,as I think this city should stick together just as it has come to the rescue of other citys and states as we have done in the past during a disaster. From my findings of knowing people all over this country they are not even aware of what is going on here. That is sad.

Just not knowing where to start,,,maybe the paper here can set up some sort of support group for all those waiting for their results, and help out in some way. I don't know where to begin,,but would like to try and help.

I did hear yesterday of 5 people that were tested,,,,,4 of them came back negative and they went to these clinics earlier this year and also some late last year,,,,the only one that came up positive for Hep C was a man that was treated a few years ago.

My prayers are with each and everyone going through this,,,,,

We need some support in this valley,,and most important we all need a miracle from God. And justice to be served to these criminals.

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From what our personal Dr told us it takes approx. a week to get the results back from the time you have your blood drawn.
My husband asked if it would take longer being there are so many of the tests being done they said NO due to the volume Quest and other places are going to be working 24/7.
I know what you are going through waiting for the results,,,,if there is anything any of us can do to help all those that are waiting to hear, or who are diagnosed I am more then willing to help out.
Also pacing and wandering around in circles waiting for the phone call.
All that is keeping me sane if that is what you want to call it ,,more like a shock,, at the moment is knowing that I do have a relative that has HIV and also a dear friend that caught the HEP C from one of these clinics a few years back,,and both are doing great.
The big miracle can only come from God,,,,and am in prayer for all those that are affected.
Hope your tests come back negative.

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I agree with you Jes,,,and the rest that are awaiting their results.
My husbands should be coming in this week,,,and I have been hardly able to try and stay "normal" acting or functioning,,

I look at my husband, read these articles and the tears start to flow, because I know since his test that he had done in Nov 07 at the burnham hack and whack clinic, that he has had more problems with his colon etc......

As for myself I have been more tired out as he has too, now add this to the mix of dealing with family that has not been to these hack and whack clinics, caught HEP C,,,and other family members that were in the hospital for other reasons, the whole medical mafia here scares me.

If I could I would leave LV in a heartbeat,,,but right now as so many others unable to.

Hopefully some "good" can come out of this for this valley, it is long overdue that the people of Las Vegas band together and do something to change the ways of our city.

We need to pull together,,,and this is one of the few places I have seen this happen. I know there are so many loving and caring people here in this city,,,,,so lets try to band together and get rid of this corruption in this city we call home.

Any suggestions I am open to them~
Just email me privately,,by clicking on my nic.
To me this is out right Greed and it needs to stop,,,and it is going to take all of us to stop it!

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After reading this article,,,,all I can say is it makes me even more upset.

My husband awaits his results from having a procedure done at one of these hack and whack places, as others I know await their tests.
My heart goes out to you and so do my prayers.

My husband has not been right since his test that was done in Nov 07 at the burnham clinic. And to think that all of this was going on to so many "victims" and how it is affecting all of us just makes me so angry.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with HEP C and she had always wondered how she got it,,,well now she knows thanks to this person I won't even call a dr,,he is in the same catagory to me as a suicide bomber just that he did not kill himself.

Those that worked for him,,and did not say a word are just as guilty if not MORE SO! How in any moral persons mind in the medical field say this was ok to do,,,they deserve the same if not worse criminal punishment then he does.

I hope they all get what they deserve,,,,because there are so many "victims" that did not get what they asked for which is "injected" with disease due to going for tests to make them better or to find out if there was a problem.

As for it being the patients responsibility yeh right,,,not like over 40,000 people are a bunch of idiots and don't ask questions,,,and take all the precautions they can,,,this is not the "patients" fault whatsoever.

Remember the patient is knocked out and does not know what is going on once the procedure is started,,,

I suggest they take their passports away from him and his family,,as I consider him a flight risk.

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