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Oct. 9, 2009

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Spock - well stated. Some of the people in BC are more scared of the BCPD than crime itself. Small matters are inflated and adults or children have been ridiculed while serious matters may be swept under the rug or never investigated appropriately. The article states that it takes the vigilance of the residents. Believe me, there are vigilant residents in BC and as such, they went to the Henderson Police Department.

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There have been drunk drivers that have killed innocent people with fewer public consequences than this woman has had to endure. It is only because of her previous stance in the community that she has had to undergo such a media frenzy including constant judgment and criticism. I'm not condoning her choices, but not everyone's DUI matters are made this public. Stop and let the woman address her life and any related problems in privacy and with peace. Enough already.

(Suggest removal) 10/12/09 at 7:03 p.m.

Brett Storsved is a wonderful man and was an incredible teacher. Several people in the town of Boulder City state it is a shame that their children cannot be exposed to his excellence and commitment to teaching students. If more people took the opportunity to know this man and work with him, they too would see a personality that emulates enthusiasm along with compassion and empathy for others. It is unfortunate the Sun article did not post the overwhelming number of statements made by community members, parents and students on his behalf at this educational hearing. Nor did the media mention the fact that when the motion to revoke the license was made, the room was dead silent. After what seemed like several minutes, one of the board members hesitantly slid forth in his chair. Another NDOE board member stated that he wanted to believe all that was stated by the supporters as well as Mr. Storsved and that the board was in an incredibly difficult position. Until you have been part of a media escapade, please do not judge the character of another through an article and/or public forum. Someday the entire stream of facts will come to fruition and the Storsved's will be able to move on completely with their lives without the burden of judgment by those that don't even know them.

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