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February 25, 2017

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March 22, 2008

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I too am a longtime Las Vegan. I know first hand what a stand up guy Carmine is. It was about 30 years ago that he began Villa Pizza in the commercial center off of Karen Street. This guy started with nothing and with hard work and determination built a very succesful business. As a kid at the time, he could have not been a better role model to us every Friday and Saturday nights as we would completly pack his place after the skating rink closed for the night. If you were hungry he would feed you for about a buck. As we all got older, he gave MANY of us jobs. He always had a smile on his face didnt allow any of us to act up in his place. Once, I had a flat tire on my bike in front of his store. He not only sent me over to Vegas Village to buy a new tube on his dime, but he paid the gas station attendant accross from his store to replace it. Told me to take the trash out and sweep the side walk and we would be square. THANKS Carmine. Guys like you are a class act and I wish you all the best!

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Where is Ed Torres and Vic Vickrey to bring back the glory?

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With Sheldon Adleson there seems to be a pattern of broken promises. Remember when he constructed the Venetian and how many solid and hardworking contractors went out of business before he would pay them for the work.... In my opinion he makes promises and uses the courtroonm as a place to get you to accept pennies on the dollar of what you are owed. I met Mr. A when he was shopping for the Sands. I rode him around to show him the property on a golf cart. He was demeaning to say the least to anyone he came in contact with. I have seen on many occosions his lack of repect for others and his ruthless way he operates. Shame on you Sheldon!

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John, You are in a league of your own. You are a tribute to the Gaming Industry and will always be known as one of the good guys! Keep up the good fight.

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David Cooper should remember the Commercial Center, As a young man he spent many weekends in the skating rink you mentioned. He was quite the ladies man then and apparently he is now. I remember him, his brother, his dad, his girl friend "T.C", the christmas tree and firewood lot on boulder highway. Your HUGE ford truck cruising Freemont. Your Dads bar on twain. The cabin in Utah.....Ya I remember my friend David.

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