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February 24, 2017

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Aug. 16, 2009

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And ignorance is bliss...

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Here to speak Facts. I work with Edgar. He is a native, NOT an illegal. Lets be done with that topic. It has absolutely no bearing here whatsoever. He is not affiliated with a gang. Formerly? Yes. He was on the straight and narrow, turning his life around. M-F, he was at work, everyday, earlier than 97% of the people we work with. I sat near him and joked with him daily. He was always in a good mood and being a jokester. Office banter (AKA, Ballbusting) occured daily, and he was always there laughing with us. No sign at all of any anger. However, I was supposed to hang with him that night, but instead chose not to and had no contact with him since work Saturday afternoon. I do know that he was scared for his life, because if he wasnt, he would have been able to handle the situation in another way. I know this from hanging out with him on the weekends and seeing how he reacts to situations that arise and is proactive to normally difuse them. The whole truth will come out. All the other posts above are just DRIVEL. Stop the ignorance about race and citizenship. Some of you need to check your spelling too. lol.
In any event, sorry to Diego's family for their loss. Sorry to Edgar and his family for their loss as well. Like someone said earlier, no one wins.

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