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May 7, 2013

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@TrueAmericanPatriot...I read the article and your soliloquy about how racist the Paul family is and please elect them so we can win the presidency (Hillary right?). Someone just followed your formula for determining racism and the truth sucks when it is thrown back at you. Don't dodge the facts. Do you have anything to refute what I said? No you don't. Any idea who Margaret Sanger is? Go read about her and ask yourself why would Hillary praise Sanger? Hillary is a likely candidate so if you are going to claim Rand is racist I think it is fair to examine Hillary. To say "your side is full of racists" comment is irresponsible and it implies your side (democrat I am assuming) is free of racism . Take your racism-o-meter and apply it your side too.
Ron Paul I supported and Rand I am undecided on. The Ron Paul newsletter you claim is evidence has been debunked. Why don't you mention or do you know about the testimony from a black and white couple Dr. Paul assisted delivering their baby when they were in need. Youtube "The Compassion of Ron Paul". There are many other supporters of Dr. Paul from various races, religions, gay and straight.

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Rand and Ron Paul are no more racist than Hillary and President Barry Obama.

Hillary Clinton praises Margaret Sanger.

Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama association with Rev. Wright.

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Waste of tax money. 13.5 million and traffic delays for political correctness. You have D and H street on both sides of the neighborhood to get downtown. Out of all the social ills affecting that neighborhood, they chose to tear down a wall. Not education, not reducing crime, they wanted a wall removed! These same people hugging and screaming victory with shovels in hand will be screaming racism again because they will want millions more for assistance of some sort. When I read this article, looked at the map of the area, my first thought was "my god you are lazy!" along with selfish and having priorities in your community backwards. I guess the name "F" street fits.

Are we now to do an audit of Vegas roads to make sure seniors, disabled, latinos, asian, etc have easy access to a particular location they find important? I want one paved directly to the grocery store because I refuse go down the street and make a left.

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