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Aug. 16, 2012

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My father worked at Reid Gardner for over 30 years. When he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure the doctor said that his lungs looked like someone who had worked in a coal mine for 30 years. When my dad passed away three years ago he had less than 25% use of his lungs.

When I was young he would point out the pollution to us as we drove the I-15. It pissed him off that on the weekends they didn't use the "scrubbers" because the EPA didn't monitor the plant on the weekends. Since his retirement in the '90s the EPA standards have been further relaxed. It isn't uncommon to see a gray haze that stretches along the I-15 from the Valley of Fire exit to the Logandale/Overton exit.

I can only imagine the myriad of health problems Reid Gardner has caused to it's employees, the Paiutes who live next door, and to the families who live in the Upper Muddy.

It is too late for my father. I can't go back and prevent him from breathing coal dust and poisoned air. He loved his job. He had no idea it was silently killing him.

It isn't too late for me to take a stand for humanity. I stand with the Paiutes and I thank them for waging war against a big energy bully. My father, if still alive, would stand proudly with the Paiutes too.

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