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Nov. 7, 2008

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The Naked Truth
I could not think of a better title of the top of my tiny lil head than the naked truth this fast. LOL The truth about Criss Angel is that almost all the pictures you see of him have been air brushed to make him look better than what he really looks like in person. The picture on the BeLIEve magazine is not what he looks like. A lot of the pictures on the CA site are very old ones. LIke 15 to 20 years. A lot of his pics are older pics of him. You guys need to stop and think about what your calling "HaWt!" Cas he is not. Have you seen that giant belly lately he has in his recent pic? The naked truth is that he covers half his face up with hair to cover up the imperfections. Wrinkles and old age stuff. He covers his face with a beard to hide his fuglieness.... What kind of grown man in his 40's thinks it's ok to have a web site set up online that allows users ages 10 years old and up to log and grope and drool over him? He knows his fans are very young. There is NOTHING on that site that reads you must be 18 to log on and be on here. It's a free for all to see. OK...Knowing this...Knowing "he knows" the ages of his fans.....The childlike man has the nerve to go on TV naked in one of his episodes. Even though the private part is blotted out...He still appears to these younger fans as being naked on TV. It's gross and his behavior in front of his younger fans is not acceptable. Most parents who love their kids would ban
them from watching this show. Imagine how many lil kids ran out of the room screaming OMG he is naked when he did that episode where he was naked in the middle of the street?

(Suggest removal) 11/28/08 at 5:34 p.m.

You did what to your body!?
Seriously... This is for all the people who have Mindfreak tattoos on their body.... YOU DID WHAT TO YOUR BODY!? Why in the world did you do that to your body for? You have to live with the mans face or logos on your body forever. Unless you can get them removed by lazer or morph them into a new tattoo. I think it's sad that those of you who did this to your body for an "I Dream of Jeannie" icon or Matrix type movie is sad. Criss has no supernatural powers. He is not a god. He is not Jesus. The man is not even a magician. He makes fun of magicians. It's all video edits. Same as any TV commercial you see on TV that looks "magical" or makes things vanish and appear. Criss Angel seems to be proud of them. He displays them on the front page of his home page. It's as if he enjoys people who mark up their body with his logos and his face. It's almost satanic in nature. It's not like a actual logo that you get of a picture. It's dedicated to his fakenss. Just sick. Really sick to see that kind of stuff. The whole CA site is almost like walking into a room full of zoombies who have no mind but are only there to worship Criss. It's creepy!

(Suggest removal) 11/28/08 at 5:28 p.m.

Lies, Lies, Lies & More Lies!
This whole show is nothing but a giant lie! The fans "thought" they were watching a man do "REAL STUNTS" and none of the stunts he does it real. It's pathetic! He can't go around telling people he does "stunts" when it's all video edits. Where is the stunt. The magic tricks and illusions are also videos edits. I would dare the man to make an elephant vanish in front of me. Ha! He can't do that. He shut off the camera. Moved the elephant and turned back on the camera. Phony! All the stuff he said he did that were stunts are lies. He lied to the media. News stations and A&E. The Building implosion was pre-recorded. You can see the red and yellow tape along the wall in the entrace that is not there when he walks the people through the live stunt. Who would want to own a rock from that. Oh please! The camera people who work for him are not sharp enough to fool everyone. They don't notice all their screw ups in the videos. When you compare the videos you can easily see a lot of hocus pocus stuff going on. Like the hocus pocus in teh comics. This was not there. That was there. She has to much hair here. Now she has a purse ...she did not have a purse. Criss Angel needs to use the word "director" only. Clearly he is no magician, illusionist or stunt man. It's all lies! It sucks that the news can tell people to come to see this man do a stunt (as if it's a stunt) live and people think what they are watching is a real stunt BUT it's pre-recorded video edits. How can you like someone you found out that lied to you? Who would want to waste their time waching someone make a film that they had to lie to people to get them there to watch it in the first place?

(Suggest removal) 11/28/08 at 5:25 p.m.

Tisk, Tisk...Why Your fakeness lost His Fans.
I know why he lost a lot of his fans. It's not because they had to deal with a Mindfreak fan. It's was because Criss himself. They found out more about him slowly. People do not want to be a part of or support someone who lies to the public all the time and makes fun of other people then turns around and does the same things himself. People were into the magic that was promised and mislead to believe that is what they would get. Only to be railroaded in rag mags and smutty news articles of the mans personal life. A show that gets more attention in the news from the persons personal life than the show itself. People began to see how stupid they look. When someone looks this supid in public and you walk along side them and support their actions and lies then you look just as bad as they do in the public eye. Most people do not want to be like that. That is why he has lost fans. I hope this new year A&E airs a new show to watch. A new kind of magic show that we can believe in. A&E reads "Reality TV" and yet they have been showing your fakeness..Who makes false claims to the viewers. What about a real supernatural TV program? A real magicain? Lance Burton? David Copperfiled? Maybe that is why David Blaine screws up at times. Could it be he is trying to do a "real stunt"? The impossible? Unlike Criss who uses video edits and camera tricks to fool teh public into thinking it's real... Ahhh A&E should sell Mindfreak to Asia. I mean all of it. Poof be gone!

(Suggest removal) 11/28/08 at 5:22 p.m.

I typed Hypocrite on Google and the first thing that showed up was Criss Angel's name. JK. But it should. As much as I would like to be able to magically undo the spell that has some Mindfreak fans in a ditzy trance I can't. But what I can do is inform you. Criss Angel is the "World's Biggest Hypocrite".
#1. Criss Angel tells fans to send in the experiences they have had of hauntings and ghost
sighting so they can use them in a mindfreak episode.
#2. Criss Angel produces a Episode of a haunted ghost story where some small child had died and he is able to talk to her ghost.
#3. Criss Angel produces a episode where he seems to possessed by a demon and walks on the walls and talks in a deep satanic voice.
NOW...Ahem.... Criss Angel goes on this show with Uri Geller and totally disrespects the man who traveled halfway across the world to make this show with him. He is rude to the man!Then he bashes Jim Callahan (ghostman) for his ghostly claims. What a hypocrite! Criss Angel is a hypocrite. He clearly made episodes he sold and made money from his fans watching and buying his products. One would think if he really "did not" want to take advantage of his fans he would not make those episodes. He would not pretend to bring back to life a small child who died a terrible death an cry about (as if it were real) in that episodes. Shame on him! He cuts down other people who make a profit from doing these things when in fact he does the same things himself. He even has a DVD entitled "Supernatural" om it. Oh please!!! He is such a joke. And the joke is on him because smart people see him for what he really is and that is a hypocrite. Criss Angel uses his fans anyway he can to make money. He does not care about any of his fans. Fake tears..Just like in the episode when he cried about the little girl he claimed he was about to talk to in his episode. He sells merchandise that belongs in Playboy magazines on his web site to under
aged kids and teens. He does not care about your kids. He does care about these kids. He only cares about his bank account. And...His swollen head above his shoulders!! He sells tickets to ashow to people in advance and after they have sold millions in tickets at the last minute they take out everything that was supposed to be in the show and screws his fans out of millions of dollars. Pathetic! Sad! Shame on him! Everything Criss Angel tells you he represents .....Is a lie! He plays with your mind to get your money. For his own ego and his own profit.

(Suggest removal) 11/28/08 at 5:17 p.m.

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