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February 22, 2017

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Leigh York
Dec. 25, 2011

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What a mess! I had never missed an election including primaries since I was 21 years old and I am now 87. But three, almost four years ago when we held our first caucus, I was stunned. As a political junkie since 9th grade, politics has always fascinated me, but that caucus, I felt, deprived ME of MY Right to vote for MY candidate.

Some were there believing they were going to vote as at a primary. Others were so confused they left.

And, the caucus eliminates a huge number of people who don't believe in that kind of candidate selection as those that can shout the loudest or longest or bring the largest group to do so usually prevail.

Elders just left. I actually left after having waited in a freezing line for hours at a high school, no where near my home. In years past I had often been able to walk to my polling place.

This year I am without a car as I decided to stop driving. I cannot expect someone to take me to a caucus and either wait in a freezing line again or pick me up later. The primary voting rarely took more than 20 to 30 minutes. But I think the caucus deprives too many home bond, those away such as the military and thousands of those absentee voting from having a say in their candidate. That I consider unconstitutional and a sad shame.

After all these years I did not a stay at the caucus so will not waste my time there again. Iowa can have it. I think the caucus eliminates far to many people who are denied their right to vote in a vitally important primary selection for candidates to the highest office in our land. I believe that a caucus disenfranchises far too many.

Please, bring back the Primary.

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