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February 20, 2017

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March 30, 2009

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I warned you all about this years ago when she was running. How you behave in your personal life DOES affect how you will run your public life! In this case it is not who you know, it is what you know. Cathy Rosenfeld would still be in the job today and there would be less drama for the city of Henderson. I love Henderson, their politics, not so much.

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Robert Gibbs just said in the newspaper yesterday that Obama was going to stay in Washington and not be on the campaign trail. The press secretary and the President need to talk to each other once in awhile! The President should not be stumping for the candidates, he should be working on the issues on hand! Oh and by the way, why are the Democrats NOT campaigning on their history making health care reform bill??? Makes one wonder....

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Hey, why don't you have to have Facebook acct. to post to this article. Every one with Harry Reid requires a FB acct.

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The majority of those jobs at City Center were held by UNION employees. Where were the union leaders in helping out THEIR members? Other than have ridiculous wages and benefits negotiated for their members, what the heck are the dues for? I've never seen the union leadership in any situation helping their members only demanding they want more of everything and then the member has to pay higher dues to the union!

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Boy o Boy!! All I am reading is how it is the governments job to give people jobs and support them. I have overheard many conversations from young and old saying they will not take a job that pays them less than what they were earning and will wait and collect their unemployment. I also never hear one comment that any of the unemployed have turned to family to help. If they can financially or by living together for a short term. Always the government. And many of you must forget where the government gets their money... from the taxpayer. When such a small percentage of people pay income taxes where do you think it is going to come from?? Come on people if there is no money coming in you can not keep spending!!

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