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Feb. 5, 2010

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Nice game. However, Wyoming was a little overmatched. Great to have Q back in the mix. We need him to stay focused the rest of the season. I would like to see Mashour play a lot more. Think he will be X factor down the road.

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TOUCHE True. Does that hold true for basketball as well.

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I think Houston might be a pretty good fit for the MWC. It would bring the conference to 10 teams and open up a little more of the state for recruiting both football and basketball. We need a TV package where folks can see us all over the country. What we have now SUCKS! I live in Mississippi and until I got Direct TV it was impossible to see the Rebels anywhere. Please LOOK at ESPN for a new contract.

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Wooo now Grayback! I like BH alot. I also believe with the new addition to the conference and with new additions possible, I think it will bring out the best in Bobby and UNLV will finally be a football team with a little punch to it. Maybe I'm dreaming but I go back to Ron Meyer and Tony Knapp.

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Everyone is talking about K St and Kansas however no one has mentioned Missouri. I believe they would become available should the Big 12 implode. I think all three would be a great fit.

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