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February 25, 2017

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Aug. 18, 2009

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Louie was abused. During his childhood, food was a comfort to him. When Louie loses 100 pounds, does anyone praise him because he has lost so much weight? Or do we continue to criticize him because he has another 100 pounds to lose? Many large people have a predisposition to be large due to genetics; some people are large due to their prescription drugs; some people are large due to health problems they have no control over. They simply have to live with their disease and do the best they are able to accomplish.

Louie is a good man with a compassionate heart, especially for the homeless. He works tirelessly to help the homeless and to raise money for many other charities.

Some men love women who are blond, or who have large breasts, or have a sense of humor, or can support them(!), etc. I love men who have a tummy; and to me, Louie is perfectly made.

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