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Lynn Johnson
Jan. 2, 2011

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I love how Republicans try to add sales taxes, property taxes, state income taxes, federal excise taxes, etc. when talking about the federal income taxes they pay.

But, then they turn around and make a false claim that half of Americans pay no taxes, when in fact they pay sales taxes, property taxes, federal excise taxes, federal payroll taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, etc.

We were discussing federal income taxes, and then they have to pad what they pay because their tax rates are lower than the vast majority of the middle class. Well add in ALL taxes I paid in 2010 and my tax rate was more than double Romney's. Am I envious of Romney's wealth, not at all, am I envious of Romney's effective tax rate, absolutely. So who is playing class warfare"the Republicans.

By the way RefNV, Romney's income is mostly 'carried interest' defined as "Carried interest or carry, in finance, specifically in alternative investments (i.e., private equity and hedge funds), is a share of the profits of an investment or investment fund that is paid to the investment manager in excess of the amount that the manager contributes to the partnership."

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Just for the record:

"In 2010, Romney made $21.7 million, on which he gave nearly $3 million in taxes at an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent. In 2011, the former governor earned a similar amount, and will pay more than $3.2 million in taxes at a rate of 15.3 percent."

"The returns also showed that Romney and his wife, Ann, gave away $3 million in charitable donations in 2010, including $1.5 million to the Mormon church. In the past two years, Romney and his wife, Ann, gave just a little bit less, about 10 percent, to the Church of Latter Day Saints."

I apologize for misrepresenting his 2010 income as 29 million, it was 21.7 million.

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Chuck333, I don't normally read the 'untrusted' comments, as your comment will be deleted tomorrow and then the discussion becomes fragmented. Join the trusted commenters; half of them use fake identities anyways.

But, your question "So what say you about GM and GE not paying taxes and employing more people not living in the US than do?
And how about the fact that the company in question bankrupted 2 years after Romney left Bains employ."

I have no problem with GM and GE expanding into foreign markets and employing people in those markets. I do have a problem with shutting down American operations, moving them overseas, and shipping the products back to America. I buy 'Made in America' whenever possible. The majority of products GM and GE sell in America are made in America. Products they sell overseas are made overseas, have no problem with that.

As far as not paying taxes you are wrong. You see after Bush imploded our economy in 2008, all financial companies had HUGE losses (GE Capital and GMAC Finance). This created NOL (net operating loss) that the tax-code allows a carryover to following years until the entire loss is deducted. Compute their taxes the way big oil does: they pay payroll tax, their employees pay taxes, excise taxes on energy, etc. GE also received 'Green Energy Credits' that reduced their liability. To say they pay no taxes is absolutely false. I have a problem with any profitable company not paying their fair share of taxes. Just like I have a problem with Romney paying 13.9% on 29 million of income. His tax rate is lower than mine, yet I made nowhere near what he did.

If you had read my explanation of how Vulture Capitalists operate, you would have seen the answer to your question about a company filing bankruptcy 2 years after Romney left...he saddled them with a huge debt load, that finally sunk them 2 years after Romney left.

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I see you got most of the right wing talking points down RefNV. Great Job, you're a bold and intelligent follower. You forgot a couple though. If you want a dog-eater as President, vote for Obama. If you want a birth certificate forging non-American Muslim for president, vote for Obama. If you want a multi-million vacation taking First Lady, vote for Obama. If you want Bin Laden striking us with mushroom clouds, oops got carried away, dang Obama got him. Such fun regurgitating garbage, but you seem frustrated RefNV, hurry turn on Fox, link over to Drudge, and re-play your Rush Limbaugh recordings, your missing some of the big talking points.

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Re Freeman: "Lynn Johnson always seems to be on the losing end of debates and this one is no exception"

So says you...thanks for the laugh.

MR_BOSTON: "Mitt Romney actually has credibility on delivering success and actually executing his own plan."

Mitt Romney has more failures than successes. It would be like recommending a surgeon that only killed half his patients, but hey he saved the other half.

Mitt Romney has no ethics, no long term vision, and no plan for America other than bringing back the tried and failed Bush policies.

I'm no fan of President Obama, but I'm not going to throw away 'average' for a much worse candidate, Mitt Romney. If Dr. Paul runs as an independent, there is a good chance he will get my vote.

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