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James Parsons
Nov. 3, 2010

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Well, as you can see more idiots trying to do things in Carson City!!!...You cant set this program up; IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE....there would be no way not to put the state at liability for loss of federal funds(you know, that important stuff like roads and schools and bailouts and all that other stuff)...not to mention the monopoly aspects this thing wreaks...You have got to be kidding me!!!! Always leave it up to PHARMA and POLITICIANS to do things the patients have not asked for and will not be extorted into participating in. Where did they come up with this garbage? Did they not get any law student to look this over to see that there are so many problems the feds will have with this garbage? I cant wait to go testify at this hearing (if there is enough time provided to know about it even). Id eat this bill up in about 30 to 60 seconds with 11th grade government knowledge and this politician should be ashamed to make it so obvious that he is taking that pharma money at the detriment to every patient in Nevada. We have some absolutely stupid politicians in Carson City and Las Vegas, but I am starting to believe this is all part of the M.O and its really obvious too...

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"When police went inside that home, they say they found 100 marijuana plants, which amounts to about 100 pounds of pot." - Quote taken from article on Las Vegas Channel 8 News-

100 plants = 100 pounds??? ...I am good(actually have a business license to consult on grow ops in Nevada for patients), but even with methods where that type of production is possible, there is NO way this was happening at that location!!! NOT IN THE SQUARE FOOTAGE OF A HOME THIS SIZE...Stop reporting this non-sense. Its hearsay and very inaccurate assessments. Its also funny that they are saying that 100 pounds = 500000...well thats funny because 5000 a pound is awesome for you to report but non accurate. I am willing to bet that they probably pulled a couple trays out of this house which would lead me to believe a "Sea of Green" method was employed. NO WAY 100 plants turn a 100 pound yield in tables and trays in that square is logisticly and botanically impossible! Our charity will offer to show exactly how this reporting is inaccurate; maybe the media and metro should hire consultants that are qualified to give accurate botanical and scientific information about cannabis before misinforming the public. You can tell from Ms.Dollard's statement that she is now misinformed about what was really happening in the house in her neighborhood. You have already hurt the prosecution and good defense attorneys will jump all over this inaccuracy and fear mongering technique. I am not in favor of illegal grow operations, but it doesn't mean I will condone the misrepresentation of facts. NOT ON MCCNV WATCH.

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For the record, the Byron Parsons in the article is of no relation to James Parsons and has no affiliation with MCCNV.

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I feel bad for the taxpayers of Boulder City...I agree with HunterMG and I would also point out that this case will be very similar to the cases that will get filed against State of Nevada, City of Las Vegas and LVMPD for the violation of constitutional rights of the medical cannabis patients raided back on September 8,2010. 2011 is going to be the year of many more cases being filed for civil rights violations against Nevada law enforcement organizations...this is just the beginning.

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In closing-- in order to spread the word about what is happening here in Las Vegas...
MCCNV-Garage TV will be live on UStream Friday to discuss all of the major ball-dropping going on around Nevada and Las Vegas...from county commissioners, to city hall, to the LV business licensing office, to clark county business licensing, to the Health and Human Services Division, etc...tune in on Black Friday at noon and we will discuss whatever the viewers want! See you there...Have a Happy Thanksgiving will get better soon...or am I being naive again?

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