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Nov. 8, 2008

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Since I was personally associated with the TV show in it's inception, I was very excited to see this project come about.
Criss seemed to become some ego-maniac about 2 years after production on the TV show began. I blame his "handlers" for this slow, dark turn from a fun-loving, late 30's/early 40's (yeah, the "handlers" don't want you to know that... Shhhhhh) family man from New Jersey ~ into this ego filled, pompous, divorced and many times now, (sadly) "fake humble magician" that he has become.


A couple from California in their mid 50's was at another Magic Show recently and I was pointed out as having been associated with the TV show MIND FREAK. With pissed off looks in their eyes, this couple approached me after the show and asked if I was "with" Criss Angel. I told them I am no longer associated with the TV show and I have never been associated with the Stage Show. BEFORE THEY BEGAN TO TELL ME WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF "BeLIEvie" - I asked them if they were magicians or are associated with or personally know any magicians.

Their answer was "no".

They have been coming to Las Vegas for YEARS - and they have seen every show on the strip. They LOVE Crique Shows and decided to check out the newest Cirque creation (they had never even heard of Criss Angel before...)
She then began to tell me about the Theater. The beautiful seats, the majestic-looking"archy-thingy" (Proscenium) and the rich red curtains. Her eyes filled with a warm glow as she described in detail the theater at the Luxor.
She then said "I know how they can fix this show!"
Raising her hand high above her head, she began making a swirling motion as she lowered her hand in front of her face as she said slowly and deliberately said...

"Sew... the... curtains... SHUT."

I smiled and gave her a hug.

She went on to say "Who is this guy?" and implied his ego was what seemed to ruin the show for her. Is this what "fame" is?


The owner of Cirque made a reported 200 MILLION dollars personally last year - my humble suggestion?
Buy out Criss' contract - send him packing, give everyone a ticket to one of Cirque's other fantastic shows, bring in one of Cirque's touring shows that has not played Vegas yet, and basically SAVE HIS GOOD NAME AS A SHOW PRODUCER. It's too bad one Magician with BAD MANAGEMENT can do so much damage to Vegas Tourism, Cirque Du Solie, and Magic & Magicians everywhere...

Criss ~ get rid of your "handlers" and become the guy you USED to be...


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