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Jan. 26, 2009

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I wish his hiring were bundled with Nigel Williams Goss playing for the Rebels as part of the deal. That kid is going to be a top 5 pick in the next draft. Zero doubt about that.

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Reinhardt got a lot of minutes due to Hawkins' odd regression and a lack of back court depth. That court time revealed Reinhardt to be a one way player - strictly spot, pop and shoot. Feet were way too slow to defend anyone, and his judgement in open court transition was questionable at best.

While he and Mr. Kaitin might believe Kaitin can run a team from the point, Andy Enfield knows he'll convince him otherwise, while refining an outside shot that needs work. The result will be a nice outside shooter that gets a few paychecks in Europe or China. Good for Kaitin, in that regard.

As for the Rebels, if they really do plan on moving back to pressure defense and Run As One, it'll be done with guys that don't have cement feet, like BDJ and the new crew. Good for the Rebels with Kaitin and Mr. Kaitin out of the picture, in that regard.

This really is a win win for everyone.

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Maybe I missed it, but Livengood resigned effectively immediately? Any reason why he didn't stick around until a successor was named? And any links or anything as to why Livengood left so abruptly?


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Not sure why he's not going to play pro ball overseas. Hard to see another year in college - another year getting older - will help him get to the NBA.

Either way, wish him well and wish him the very best of health.

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An unfortunate ending for the season, but fits given how things went for them with their struggles on the road, inability to protect the ball, poor shooting and missing free throws.

I am among those with high expectations for the future, though. When coaches and styles change, you can get caught between two systems. The team is right there now, but with clearing out some guys from this team, next year should bring a more cohesive effort.

And I like Rice. Look at what other options there are for hiring a coach - win fast cheaters, guys looking to move up and out for more money, guys that are looking for working retirement, or up and comers. Rice is an up and comer. The idea being he builds a program, but will stay in his community, rather than bolt for a better opp. Really, he was the best option, and he's a smart guy and will learn and improve.

Only one specific point of criticism - for Anthony Bennett. He has a ton of talent, but he's going to need to put in a lot of work and put forth a lot more effort on the next level or he's going to be a bust.

As good as Bennett is, the team is going to better without him, since they'll be more of a team. This year, seemed like everyone deferred to him, waited for him to dominate and that only happened in small bursts. I can't even count the amount of times he got beat on D or his shot blocked by guys that'll be working for Enterprise Rent a Car and starring in their commercials saying 'Hey I played college sports, really, I did. Honest!'

While elite talent like that is tempting, I hope the team thinks twice about who they bring in. You can look at Kentucky to see why. Last year, they were hugely fortunate to bring in two warriors in Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Talented as can be, but complete animals with a passion for winning and an understanding that comes through team play. This year's KY team - something like 4 guys with first round grades - but a first round exit in the NIT.

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