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Matt Hufman
June 3, 2011

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For anyone still around, thanks for all of the comments. This has been a great discussion, and we'll use some of the comments in the print version of the Sun on Sunday. (If your comment isn't used, it's not because we didn't like it, we have space limitations.) I appreciate all of the response.

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A few commenters have mentioned Congress. The administration and members of Congress have said they were told about the NSA program. A few members of congress have defended the program. What do you think about Congress' oversight? (Perhaps Rep. Darrell Issa should next investigate Congress...)

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This is a great discussion with many good comments. Please keep them coming.

I think JeffFromVegas @9:25 a.m. framed one of the major issues well, saying:
"I KNOW this type of program could and may stop the next 911 massacre.

"I also KNOW the government or rogue government employees WILL ABUSE this information."

As others have commented, there's a tradeoff between privacy and security. The issue there is what that tradeoff is and what's acceptable.

Another issue, pointed out by Carmine and KillerB, is the constitutionality of this. Unlike wiretaps, which are typically specific to a certain person or phone number, the NSA, according to reports, is vacuuming up information and then sorting out what might fit their criteria. The FISA court has apparently signed off on all of this, but that's not supposed to be the way it works.

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Sorry: Should be *thread* not threat in first line.

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Interesting thoughts throughout the threat.

I agree that parenting is critical as FreedomRadio (Joan Respondi) points out. As sebring (Sebring Frehner)notes, there are pressures on parents here they might not have faced elsewhere. Especially if they left family behind to move here and find
themselves without the support of friends or family.

improveLV, you've made some very good points. To comment on one: It is very easy to get sucked into the negative. The negative rankings seem to have become white noise, I think, with the number of them. "Oh, look, Nevada/Las Vegas is on another 'bad' list." It doesn't seem to raise an eyebrow. Of course, some of those lists are dubious and justifiably ignored, and that doesn't help, but at some point you'd think it would become an embarrassment.


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