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July 19, 2011

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Let's stop making pretense that this is nothing less than blantant display of favoratism and suppression of 1st Amendment rights by the government bureaucracy which clearly has a selfish interest in this matter. These are the leeches that are draining the life-blood out of the Republic. Palin repesents limited government and is thus an existential threat to that bloated and burgeoning bureaucracy. I see the snarky remarks and pejoratives from the Palin haters out there. If the shoe were on the other foot, many, if not most, would squeal like stuck pigs. I have never seen another political figure and her family so unfairly ridiculed and abused in my life. It's shameful and disgusting. Of course, some have never been taught to feel shame for abusing their fellow human beings so the golden rule appears lost on them.
If the Palin haters could provide anything rational, substantative and even-handed in their acerbic remarks, I might be able to take their points seriously. However, since none of those qualifiers appear in almost any one of them, I must consider them to merely be the belicose rantings of the ignorant, mean-spirited and unthinking desiring to be fashionable in their psychotic hatred. If that is the type of anti-intellectual societal discource they want, we are in for a most dismal future. Shouting at each other across the barracades, blogs and opinion pieces will not make for a better future. People would do well to start acting like adults and speak to and about others as though they are human beings.

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