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March 12, 2008

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I don't understand why UNLV fans and Vegas/Southern Nevada residents seem to have so much self loathing. UNLV is a new university and it takes time and strong alumni base to make your program a top twenty contender. I am Ohio State and UMASS graduate so I know what it is like to be an alum of a winning program and one that doesn't have such a winning record. Althugh UMASS can't compete against Big Ten school ordinarily, you don't hear about fans talking trash about their team as UNLV and Vegas people do. UMASS has been a college a lot longer than UNLV. I think if fans and alum get more realistic about the program, we all can enjoy the games as they should be. It will take years for UNLV alums grow in numbers and prominance so that they can provide support for UNLV like the major programs across the country. I have only lived in Nevada for 4 years but I think it is sad how we seem to take no pride in where we live and constantly our community and local institutions. I don't think it is constructive to always find faults in our community. We many things about Southern Nevada that can be assets. Lots of sun for one, which can make Nevada a leader in renewable energy source. No hurricanes and constant floods to ravage homes. The occasional flash floods don't count as real flood in my mind. I think that is more caused by poor civil engineer planning. Try living in the midwest or the south for awhile and talk to me about a bad weather caused by floods and storms. How about the great winters we have, no snow and salt to eat at our roads. The midwest must spend millions of dollars constantly updating and repairing bridges and roads that we don't have to worry about in our sunny community. We have lots of advantages that people in the midwest can only dream about. People just need to move to Detroit and Cleveland for awhile to realize how lucky we are.

The negative tail gating comments was especially funny for me. Being a former Ohio State undergraduate, I can confirm that what goes on UNLV is certainly very tame and lame compated to Big Ten tail gates. I remember as an 18 year freshmen at Ohio State, walking across a parking lot full of flattened aluminum beer cans and people just having a great time. Yes some people never made it to the game. Doesn't make them bad people, just having fun. I will never forget the great times at Ohio State drinking before the game and cheering on the Buckeyes. Go UNLV because I live here now, go Buckeyes, and go UMASS minutemen.

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I feel that we Las Vegas is being fed propaganda regarding actual water usage and the causes of the Lake's declining water levels. The article tries to tie the growth of Las Vegas with the Lakes decline. This is incorrect, and Las Vegas water usage shows that the City is actually much more efficient in water usage compared to ten or twenty years ago despite our rapidly growing city. So this attempt to tie our rapid growth and the Lakes water level is false. Secondly, although Las Vegas does rely on 90% of its water supply from the Lake, the majority of the water is sent downstream to other states such as Arizona and California for Agricultural uses. So in reality, Las Vegas probably uses less than 10% of the Colorado's flow.

The Lake is continuing to decline because it is a man made lake, that is tied to a massive hydro powerplant. Again, the majority of this power is sent elsewhere for their power needs. Our nations power consumption has grown, so the hydro plant must continue to be fed massive flows of water despite it using more water and is actually replenishing the dam. So in reality, if Las Vegas and its more efficient water usage was taken into consideration, the Lake might have kept its current levels if we didn't have to keep the gates open to run the power plants.

The normal twenty and thrity year weather patterns are probably the second significant cause for the Lakes decline. If you examine past Lake levels, one can clearly see that Lake levels have receded and expanded due to snow fall in the mountains when Las Vegas was still a very small town, and the other major cities like Phoenix were still minor as well. Any kid that grew up close to a river or creek can tell you that sometimes, creeks just dry up sometimes when there isn't enough snow melt or rain.

So please, quit trying to feed this line that our cities growth has contributed to the lakes decline. The reality is this, Lake levels fall and rise depending on weather patterns that have been established on this continent for thousands of years. Should the govt have planned better and anticipated diminishing snow melt in the mountains, and planned to cut back on power generated by the dam and restrict water usage downstream by the farmers?, probably yes but this would have required real discussion and agreement with politicians across state lines. This would have never happened. Instead, we have to read articles like this trying to spell doom and gloom of Las Vegas. Only when you stop talking about left leaning hype that only is meant to promote some GREEN initiative can you really address falling lake levels if that is really what really want to do as a collective society. I support conservation, but not at the cost of reality and the truth.

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