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Jan. 15, 2010

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I think spending $2.5 mil on ipads when the school system is broke (or atleast claims to be) is crazy. I'm just not thrilled with the way they did it. They gave it to 5 poor schools. They should have done it on a lottery type basis for schools. It sets a bad example. On a side note--There has never been a better time to be poor in history. You can get food, healthcare, cell phones, and now ipads. It's the working class people that get nothing! And I believe those ipads will be stolen/ jailbroken/ then sold. It won't matter what serial number is on it.

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What about the large companies that accepted corporate welfare? Should they be allowed to vote--afterall, they are considered a "person" and did accept public assistance. So really, not one of those shareholders should have the right to vote either (according to Mr. Valentine's logic). Maybe they will just cancel eachother out. Hmmm..

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We really need to start implementing stronger laws that truly detour kids from vandalizing! I say we follow the philosophy of Singapore and CANE these good-for-nothing punks! One of the few vandalism incidents in Singapore was done by an American! He was caned. I would bet he hasn't vandalized since! This country's laws are way too lenient when it comes to vandalism and graffiti. We need to step it up!

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Dont forget...every strip club charges their dancers a "house Fee"--sometimes around a $100+/night. With 400 girls a do the math! And I can bet..not one girl gets a receipt for her housefee expense. This $ is all cash! Some clubs may make more $ off the dancers than off the customers! If these girls are declared employees..there goes the club's extra cash. And I highly doubt that this extra cash is being reported to the IRS by the strip club(s.) It is a license to print money and they don't want to give it up.

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I saw the show and really liked it. I have seen pretty much every show in town..and this one kept my interest. The concept of going through the history of Las Vegas performers was cool..because I actually learned a few things about the historical performers. BTW--The guy who played the janitor did a great job. Loved the video portion too. The show is definately worth seeing.

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