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Feb. 21, 2012

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When journalists just sit in their offices scouring the web for anything and then believe in a news item when they see it, then there's trouble ahead. That's what happened when a few months ago, a fake report that Miss Universe will be held in Bahamas went viral. After seeing red faces all over the beauty pageant community, including that of a supposed reliable website called Globalbeauties, so many people were duped again in believing that Miss Universe will be held in Jakarta. Even a National Organization was led to believe that the news was true.

Internet is a powerful and useful tool, yet many people are bound to abuse it. Internet is teeming with false information posing as verified facts. That is why a sizable percentage of Americans still believe they never landed on the moon or that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. At the height of Health Care Bill, many disinformation was spread through the internet for many gullible Americans are willing to believe what they read on the Internet without the need to verify its veracity.

That is why Missosology is saddened by the journalistic approach of The Las Vegas Sun

Writer Robin Leach is virtually saying that Missosology.Org spread a viral news that NBC dropped Miss USA and Miss Universe. That is not true. Such news story NEVER appeared in - the very website he linked from his news article. Mr. Leach read a "news story" posted on Missosology.Info, the official forum of Missosology.Org Do we need to explain to Mr. Leach that a forum is a place where anything and everything can be posted? Why Mr. Leach published a story that he saw in the forum and why he never bothered to verify the story before he run it? Why would he point finger to us when we never published that story here at Why would he call us missosology.COM? Why would he describe us as an obscure Indonesian website when we are not?

That is because Mr Leach just sits in his office scouring the web for anything and then believe in a news item when he sees it.

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