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June 2, 2009

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I am one of Jens close relatives. From my view of it, this man is absolutely disgusting. Anyone in their right mind would see that she was physically healthy, just was going through a mental illness and with the right help, could have been fixed. He shouldnt have agreed to help her kill herself. I believe that he is just a sick man who enjoys watching people die, and it sounds to me like Jen wasnt his first victim. He knew what he was doing. Jenny was not herself, the same woman that we all knew, she was extremely vulnerable and Jeff Ostfeld took advantage of her. If he wanted 'to help her' like he so innocently says, he would have taken her to a hospital! Duh.
And for all those who have an opinion about this, unless you know the *whole* story and have good sources and actually KNOW what you are talking about, dont even go there... Im tired of hearing the negative opinions of people who dont even know the correct (and/or complete) story.

Ps. Thank you everyone for your support to our family during this difficult time. And yes we are doing a fundraiser to help with funeral costs. since Jen had no life insurance, it is all out of pocket. Mail checks or drop off checks or cash at any Umpqua Bank facility
please include her account#972286801
Thank you so so much

"Gone but never forgotten...We love and miss you Jenny with all our hearts."

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