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Feb. 26, 2008

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For those of you who don't think this made international news you're wrong. Calgary Alberta Canada has many flights a day into Vegas. This shoot out was covered on the news up here, and so was the question of if Vegas is still a safe place to visit. The way it was discussed up here was that it started becuase of a night club and gangs, not that the USA has guns. Add that to the many people who return and talk about all the street vendors and costume panhandlers and Vegas is getting a bad name up here. Will it change the minds of people who visit Vegas already from here? Maybe not, but it is making people who have not been down before question if it is still a safe place to go.

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"Bldblu" / "environprotector

You two make me laugh. You're comments just show how little you know about about this.

As you obviously did not watch the press conference, the shows and number of weeks are just as they were said during the conference...antything else before was rummors.

As for the NFR being the only reason the Garth Brooks shows sold out, are you kidding.

You're not very smart if you really think that:

a) only people who goto NFR are the only Garth Brooks fans.

b)Country music fans are all country hicks with no money

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Wow I can't believe those of you who are trying to defend the ticket scalpers.

I wish EVERY venue would put in place what Wynn has to stop the tickets from going on Ebay ect... by people who are just trying to make a quick buck.

When tickets get scalped true fans are the people that get hurt. In the case of these Garth Brooks shows this is very very true. The reason that Garth always wants a lower ticket price for his shows is because he wants true fans there, not just who can pay the most for the tickets.

Now all the comments about Wynn just being mad about not getting a kickback, or Wynn mad that he could not charge more per ticket......who know's maybe that's true.

However I know that the ticket policy to try and stop scalping was driven by Garth Brooks not Wynn.

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First off Amanda Finnegan I would like to know when Garth brooks said it would be an "extended stay at the Encore Theater" I'm pretty sure he did not say the when and where this morning.

Second I like Garth, I like Wynn.....however I can't see Wynn being the place that the Garth crowd would be at before or after a concert.

Pretty sure that cowboy hats, boots and bud's are not the crowd Wynn would like. (Can you see going into switch in your wrangles, boots and hat?)

Not to mention you would have no chance to get into XS or TRYST in the above mentioned clothes.

Is there plans to change XS or TRYST to a country night club....yeh haw break out the mechancial bull Steve.

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Mr Ruffin after your comments I WILL NOT be booking with you ever.


Can I afford more than $50 and night but your attitude, as well as Wynn, and Anderson that the only tourists you want are high rollers has killed LV IMO.

You can't go to a lounge or bar without playing $$ for a drink, and most of the restaurants cost $$$ for a dinner that is only worth 1/2 that. All because of the High Roller attitude that the above are pushing.

The down turn was not enough to change this attitude fully, but I hope that City Center & F-Blue flood the market and does.

I would be interested to see how much of this room re-bound is because of the current room price. I think many people are coming to LV right now because it is the only place they can afford right now. If they jack up hte rates again I think it will kill this small re-bound.

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